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Why I don't hate feminists

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Postby Billy » Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:49 am

I suppose it's a very individual thing and therefore there wouldn't be much to debate about that.

Zen is outcome independent. So surviving is not so important. Let´s just laugh it off. Yes, shure.
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Postby Billy » Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:15 am

It´s so easy to become a millionaire. Work 24 hours without sleep but not in a unheathy way. ;-)
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Postby Billy » Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:16 am

Sounds like a micky mouse version of zen. Join the Tamagochi club.
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time for Winston to get the ban hammer out

Postby odbo » Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:01 am

The 3 trolls that showed up last month are back and as disruptive as ever. So what are you waiting for Winston? No you don't have to ban 3 unrelated users like Repatriate did... there will be no collateral damage from ridding of this scum.
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Postby Billy » Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:56 am

Odbo why don´t you f**k off to stormfront?
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Postby chileanueva » Mon Feb 06, 2012 1:30 pm

Non-attachment is deeply profound. Not caring gives yourself a huge amount of power to MOVE ON.

The angry and bitter people cannot let go. They would rather destroy themselves in petty arguments just to prove they are right. TO WIN.

But they are actually losing like Odbo. Nobody cares about the Jewish conspiracy. The Jews certainly don't care. They laughing all the way to the bank.

Bitter people destroy their life and happiness to prove they are right at all costs. Non-caring people don't give a shit and live a more fulfilling life.
"Stop talking. Just Do It." - ME

"Treat women like shit because they are lying, manipulating, cheating whores." - ME
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Postby Winston » Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:41 pm

IntoTheWild wrote:My point is that the law of the jungle applies, especially in the 'liberated' west. The men who aren't getting rejected are the men who don't give two craps about being rejected. It doesn't hurt them. It's not about whether I think that's right or not, it's about working within the system to get what I want. I'm not gonna walk around trying to 'change' women. I just know how they are, and work with it.

This whole 'non-bitterness' thing works wonders, believe me ;) Yeah sure, you have to be completely non-sensitive, a little 'tough' so to speak, but isn't that what a man should be anyway? Isn't that what feminism has helped to take away from men? Men who are strong emotionally.

You can't have a 'thin skin' and be successful with women at the same time. You have to be extremely thick skinned. Do I think this is right? It doesn't matter what I think is right, I don't make it so.

That's a total false fallacy. You are thinking like a woman here. The truth is, I've gone to meet women from AOL many times with a 100 percent confident attitude that I was likable and attractive. Yet it still made no difference. You are using BS "Law of Attraction" logic, which does not apply in this case. If a woman doesn't like you, she looks for excuses to reject you, including your own bitterness. She uses your bitterness as an excuse. The real reason is because you aren't her type. I learned this long ago. Why are you bringing up things that were debunked long ago?

Why don't you try to charm feminists and make them giggle? Go out and try it. You're in for a big shock and dose of reality. The world does not work according to such naive and simplistic formulas. If it did, no one would have any problems.
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Postby IntoTheWild » Mon Feb 06, 2012 5:32 pm

Hey I don't expect you to accept it. I'm just throwing it out there. This isn't about some 'voodoo magic' crap. Like the other guy said, being outcome independent allows you to MOVE ON. It's about emotional strength, not magic. It allows you to move on from the chicks who aren't for you, towards the ones who are for you. Withput emotional baggage. There is nothing 'illogical' about it, and it is very manly to be emotionally strong, not feminine.

Females are affected the WORST by rejection. It is a FEMININE trait.

If a chick rejects you, move on to the next chick and don't sit there crying like a little baby. If you take things to heart, it will show up in your next interaction because your emotions will be affected. Your emotions affect your actions.

Obviously this is way over your head ;)

Winston, I'm being honest here many guys have a victim mentality, and arguing about how your victim mentality doesn't hurt you isn't 'logic', it's the source of failure. What you think determines how you act. There is no magic behind it, no spiritual vodoo, it's just how humanity works. Humans are emotional creatures, if you have mostly negative emotions, your actions will be negative. If you have positive emotions, your actions will be positive.

Dealing with negative people, or bitches that reject you is a matter of emotional strength. If every bitchy woman affects you it will blind you to the women out there who are good for you, and make you overly sensitive and reduce your motivation, which is all bad in my book.

The mindset I'm talking about won't 'solve all your problems', the point is that those 'problems' won't be the main thing affecting your life, and you'll be focusing on positive actions, to get results.

If you want to go through life on autopilot and spend it wasting time on thinking about how you're a victim, so be it, you can be happy, like Odbo there ;)

Or, I could be like odbo and just be hatin' on everything all the time... I'm sure that would be a GREAT use of my life.
Yeah odbo, discussion is trolling, buzz off, this discussion isn't for you.
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Postby IntoTheWild » Mon Feb 06, 2012 5:52 pm

Billy wrote:Sounds like a micky mouse version of zen. Join the Tamagochi club.

Ok Billy, here's some sarcasm for you:

I'll just wallow in self pity all my life and cry for days when a woman rejects me, I'm sure my life will improve greatly and women will jump my bones because I show so much awesome sensitivity. Everytime I get turned down for a job, I'll seek revenge by burning down the building... because outcome independence is garbage ;)
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Postby Billy » Mon Feb 06, 2012 5:53 pm

Wild, that sounds nice. The problem is how to generate these positive emotions. There are no buttons to push. Just with thinking you can not create positive emotions. When you have a physical pain you can not think it away. To think that way is to cheap. Victim mentality has it´s reason. Things what you write is really debunked. This is some snake oil salesman shit.

Between acting manly and feeling manly there is a difference. "Make it till you make it" is risky. You can end with a life full of lies and still without success. We all know about the psychological trics but you should come with scientifically proved methods.

Or we talk on the odbo level. Where he says that the Vikings were civilized and brought civilazation to everybody. I wonder why they have a bad image.
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Postby IntoTheWild » Mon Feb 06, 2012 5:58 pm

What you think can be a choice on some level. I'm not saying it is always easy, but your beliefs can shape the way you see the world. Some people are very positive, some people are very negative. The human mind has the ability to change, if there is motivation to change. There are many ways of thinking, not just one. I can choose to think positively, within reason of course, if that helps me achieve what I want. This does not mean being unrealistic, it means focusing on positive goals, and not sitting in a room hating the whole world doing nothing.

That is a choice. There are people who sit around doing nothing blaming the world for all problems, then there are go-getters who solve their problems. One is negative thinking, one is positive, and yes that is a CHOICE.

One man can have his leg chopped off and sit in self pity his whole life, and another can get off his ass and enjoy life to the fullest, despite having lost a leg. It happens all the time.
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Postby Billy » Mon Feb 06, 2012 6:32 pm

But to have motivation you need a motivator. I believe in determination. For example the reason the earth moves is not because it is it´s choice but it was an effect of an motivator. Which was motivated by another thing and so on.

Same is the case with thinking. There are physical reasons why somebody thinks the way he thinks. An african guy will not be motivated to learn mongolian and vice versa. The reasons and motivations are obvious. Many people don´t think positive because it doesn´t work. Almost everybody tried it, but it didn´t work for the most.

Guys claiming that it works are mostly liers. Look at the Dalailama he smiles and is seen as the master of positive thinking but whines all the time about China occupying Tibet. Is this victim mentality?

As you said for some it may work but we don´t know why it works and we can´t emulate it. Things which work would be coppied very fast.

Science is based on determination. Even free will is debunked.

Things are not so easy.

There are enough fools out there who believe in "The Secret".
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Postby lavezzi » Mon Feb 06, 2012 6:48 pm

IntoTheWild, didn't you say you were half Irish, half black? It would make perfect sense, because you have the inflated ego of a paddy and the low IQ of a nigger. This coupled with that nasally Canadian voice you must have makes it hard to even imagine what a complete joke you really are.
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Postby Billy » Mon Feb 06, 2012 6:59 pm

No he is not black. He is partly jew.

Anyway. Canadians have Cap. Kirk and Shanaia Twain. So no disrespect.

Blacks: There are too many. MJ, Sir Mix alot etc.

Respect the artists.
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Postby IntoTheWild » Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:21 pm

Ok, my bad.

I'll just forget that voodoo crap and become extremely outcome dependent. If I lose my job I'll shoot up the place because being extremely negatively affected by events in my life is the way to go, your logic proved it ;)

Not one person has explained logically why being butthurt when rejected by women is a good thing. So my way is wrong, should I go your way then, or the opposite extreme and start crying in front of a woman when she rejects me? That's the 'logical' way to go?

Funny how this thread start turning into racial attacks in a thread that has nothing to do with race.

Some very psychologically disturbed fellows here. I suppose that's the mindset sexually frustrated and repressed guys get into. That's a downward spiral because that mindset just gets you laid less and less. No woman wants to hang around with an angry bitter sad sack.

What are you, inviting me to join your negative circle jerk and be angry about the world? I might be in a positive circle jerk, but hey, it's better than a bunch of guys getting in a circle and wanking over how miserable and sexless they are and how it's everybody's fault but their own.

I'm not forcing you to think differently, enjoy whatever happiness you get from your negative worldview, I'm sure some types of guys get off on being victims and criticizing anyone who dares not think the same way.
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