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Why is Winston so fat?

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Re: Why is Winston so fat?

Post by Moretorque » May 24th, 2017, 10:37 pm

Winston wrote:I dont understand something. I dont eat any more than the average person. I certainly eat less than i did when i was a kid and teen. I dont pig out on snacks or eat overly large meals. So why wont my body lose weight? How does it keep so much weight? Any logical explanation? Is my body trying to self destruct? Its as if it were programmed to be fat and get worse, regardless of calorie intake or how much i eat.
Some people have better genetics to burn fat than others but this can be overcome by proper diet and exercise.

If you would work out along with diet the weight will come right off but you have to just do it. I have the same problem but I am older than you but if I cut the carbs and sugar out and work out the weight starts coming right off. You have to make a permanent life style change and you will feel better literally and psychologically have better feelings about yourself as you see improvement.

You need to get 30 minutes to an hour of exercise daily and it will work trust me.... Muscle helps burn fat big time and once you get the muscle it is not to hard to maintain it if you stay at it.......
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Re: Why is Winston so fat?

Post by starchild5 » May 25th, 2017, 2:52 am

Winston wrote:Btw i got my blood test results today from my doctor in chiayi, taiwan. My liver enzymes GPT and GOT are worse than before. Very high above normal. And my white blood cell count is slightly higher than normal too.

Ive been taking the milk thistle livorin supplement he prescribed for my liver before. But it didnt help. The doctor recommended i get an ultrasound to see if my liver is damaged or obstructed from its secretion ability.

Also my weight now is 85 kg. Before it was 82 kg. Its made my snoring and sleep apnea worse. I dont know why im gaining weight. I dont eat more than i did before. And when i was a kid i ate much more than i do now. So how can this be? Its illogical. It seems my body is trying to self destruct and implode or something, by making me bigger and bigger no matter what i do. Theres no logic to it. Its like my body or whatever possesses it, is trying to get fatter and fatter on its own accord, as it were programmed to get fat and self destruct.

Hans Wilhelm said that spirit possession can cause obesity by refusing to allow ones appetite to decrease. He is a wise spiritual teacher and best selling author and is very practical too. And hes good at explaining Christian metaphysics.

In addition, i think my liver problem is making me feel drowsy a lot, especially in the daytime, which is why i kept needing 12 hours of sleep per night in the Philippines. The sleep apnea which obstructs my breathing during sleep every night may be a cause of my chronic fatigue and drowsiness too.
During these times, entities will do weird things to our body and would refuse to live you as our DNA is changing, our evolution time is near. When you are possessed your weight gains.

You MUST Drink Organic Non-GM Soy Milk or Coconut Milk to drive out possessions in these times, at least you are aware of it, but 90% of humanity is not. They destroyed 97% of soy with GM because its worth in gold now for human body.

Whatever you do...Please DO NOT VISIT a doctor, the one trained in the west. He would only go so far as to diagnose you and treat you with a pill for 19.99 USD for rest of your life to make pharma billions. There is no home remedy for complicated words used like GPT and GOT which is deliberate words play scam. Everything should be simple.

The way we were learned is totally wrong. There is only ONE SUBJECT call that whatever you like but it covers demonic possessions, spirituality, your higher self, liver enzymes GPT and GOT, weight gain, love, time travel etc etc.. It is all related and ONE Subject Only.

You do not need to go to two persons...A single person should be able to diagnose your issues of demon possession as well as liver problems...It's all connected.


This is a very good remedy....Are you getting enough Sunlight?

Your Manipura Chakra aka Solar Plexus is under control of demonic forces as is with rest of the world, because it's the point to other dimensions, where higher self comes in, and for prana energy aka chi to come in.... It's the most important chakra in the human body.

The negative energy, demons resides inside your stomach...They might be creating a home there..Literally...your liver is producing things that are loved by demons but not by you...its secreting negative stuff loved by demons which is causing liver problems.

Its deliberate attempt by dark forces to keep Science and demon subject different.

Demons do not like Sunlight.

Open Up your belly and Expose it to Sunlight everyday for 10 to 15 minutes. You will be amazed, you should go to a beach resort and just lay down on the beach.


Old Chinese people do this intrinsically in China and Hong kong you see it often...Its a very good thing actually.



Exposing your belly to sunlight makes it healthier, drives out demonic energy

Even the mainstream science agrees.

Gut Problems Helped by Sun on the Belly ... n-the-sun/
At the Wise Traditions Conference recently, I think I have finally gotten an answer to this long held question. The answer came unexpectedly while chatting with Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, author of the groundbreaking book Gut and Psychology Syndrome.

Dr. Natasha was telling me about some very new research that indicates that certain wavelengths of the sun that have not been studied before actually pass right through the human body and have an energetically balancing and overall beneficial effect on the human physiology even helping to resolve longstanding gut problems.

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