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Women and the Jusice System: Inequalities

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Do you think women who are convicted of offenses should face the same punishment as men would most likely face?

Yes (women have been crying about Equality and Equal Rights for decades, after all)
No (Women are so equal, but when it comes to the Justice System, women are just dainty little princesses)
No votes
I don't care one way or the other!
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Women and the Jusice System: Inequalities

Post by The_Hero_of_Men » February 22nd, 2012, 11:03 pm

This is a post I made in my online class discussion forums just now:

Do you think women who are convicted of offenses should face the same punishment as men would most likely face?

For instance, have you all ever heard of a woman named Debra LaFaive (however her last name is spelled)? She had sexual relations with one of her students (which was a minor male), but she only got so many years of probation/house arrest. Yet if it were a man who had sexual relations with a minor female, the judge would have thrown the book at him (i.e. multiple years in the Slammer; double-digit sentence minimum).

Also, Andrea P. Yates, several years back, was convicted of murdering all 5 of her children, but she served very little prison time (because of the "postpartum depression" defense; men do not have a defense like that). Like I said, if her HUSBAND had murdered those children, he would be on death row by now (if not already pushing up daisies)!

Women have been crying about equality for decades; it's only fair that they be shown this very same equality they've been crying about all these years IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM.
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