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Russian & Ukraine Women. Woman's Age & The issue of

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Russian & Ukraine Women. Woman's Age & The issue of

Post by jsmith » February 24th, 2012, 1:47 am

Its been a while since i posted anything. but Winstons new essay about who issue of having children was a real treat. thanks man!!


I will get to the point. I'm very attracted to russian and ukraine women. But i really don't want to have any children. I only want marriage.

let me say this. I don't hate kids. And i don't hate the idea of good family relations. Its just that i've had negative family experiences most of my life, And i just turned 29. My immediate family as well as extended family is very dysfunctional and i didn't enjoy my childhood-teenhood. Heck i didn't even enjoy my early 20's. i've also hadto take alot of emotional and verbal abuse from parents/family. I have been give nthe opportunity to return to business school. And it looks like i may have a successful career.

BUt I just really want to enjoy the remainder of my life. Aside from doing physical fitness and having a career, i want to do serious charity work too o and focus on doing positve things. And i feel that by doing that i will build strong relationships with people that will heal the wounds from my negative family experiences.

and i just want to find that idealistic woman whoi can fit into that situation.

and with added expense and sacrifice of raising children today and all the other things that winston brought up in his last essay. i just don't want to be a father.

But i have a huge problem. i see now that FSU women are very family oriented. I accept the fact that its apart of their culture. having babies.

I had a guy who runs a marriage/dating agency explain to me that marrying a girl in her 20's and not having babies is out of the question. He did say however i should aim at women in their middle 30's. he explained that because in the russian/ukraine culture women consider 30 years old to be an OLD age.

and by then a woman will less likely want to have a child when she gets in that range. Is that a good rationalization?

recently a guy who runs a dating agency in Poltava Ukraine did me favor. He connected me with a girl who was leaving his website/database. And

essentially after talking with her for a few weeks. i brought up my feelings about not having kids. She got very offended and stopped communicating with me. And even the matchmaker guy got alittle upset and tried to talk me out of my decision to not have babies.

So my overall question is this.

Am I wasting my time trying to get an attractive russian/ukraine woman in her middle 30's who doesn't have a problem with not having kids?

i'm attracted to russian/ukraine because i figure my chances of having a beautiful woman with great personality and other qualities is greater. But if i cannot get around the children issue then

Should i look at other cultures instead of the FSU?

Should i try to get a woman who has a career as opposed to the small town woman?

i only ask because i'm learning russian language right now and i really want to get to know if i'm wasting my time.[/b]

i also notice something. The really attractive russian and ukraine women who are in their mid 30's usually are single mothers looking for a man. is what i want unreasonable?

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Post by gsjackson » February 24th, 2012, 5:36 am

Bumping until ladislav or have2fly can weigh in. Afraid I have no idea.

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