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Is it better to be male or female?

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Is it better to be male or female?

Post by NorthAmericanguy » March 16th, 2012, 6:11 pm

I saw this post on the MGTOW form, it's a link to another forum:

I'm kind of new to the forum so apologies if this topic has been brought up before. (Sorry this got so long but I have a lot to say on the subject.)

Been growing more and more preoccupied with the love-shy idea that it's simply better to be female than male in almost every way. So much so that I would choose to be female in a heartbeat. This is not to say I'm one of those "women trapped in a man's body" or want a sex change or anything like that. Just that if God let me go back and do everything over again, I would choose to come back as a girl.

I can't see any downside to being female anymore in western society. Women now dominate in schools, occupy over half the jobs, and can still play the traditional roles of wife and mother if they want. They are put on a pedestal by society and treated better in almost every way. The freedoms they take for granted are ones I will never know. For instance: A woman can choose to work or not work; a man has to work. A woman can dress like a woman or like a man; a man has to dress like a man. A woman doing a "man's" job, like computer technician or engineer, is lauded as a pioneer and example of women's progress; a man doing a "woman's" job, like nurse, dancer or model, is ridiculed. A woman under attack is expected to be defended and assisted; a man under attack is expected to "be a man" or to "man up" and not let anyone push him around. If a woman refuses her "responsibilities" of cooking and cleaning in the home, she is liberated and empowered; if a man refuses his "responsibilities" of being the breadwinner, he is a deadbeat. A woman who argues that men have it better is defending her rights; a man who argues that women have it better is a jealous whiner.

Now you would think with all this extra freedom would come extra responsibilities. But women's responsibilities (as caregiver and nurturer) have actually diminished. Yet there has been no corresponding increase in men's freedom at all (except for homosexuals).

At the risk of exaggerating, I believe being born female is like winning the lottery. You get all the special treatment and privileges handed to you, having done nothing to earn it. You are a higher class of human -- regarded as more attractive, more valuable, more deserving of support and compassion than those without breasts. What do you get by being born male? A shorter life expectancy and greater risk of mental illness, suicide, genetic disorders, alcoholism, social isolation, school dropout, incarceration, much longer prison sentences, etc. No wonder parents selecting the sex of their babies now pick female 75% of the time. In this culture, I would absolutely do the same.

Women have problems too but women's problems are seen as crises by society. Just imagine what would happen if all the homeless men you see in big cities were women. Those women would not be homeless for long. There would be an outcry over how society had let them fall through the cracks and massive efforts to get those women off the street. Already, more social programs and shelters exist for women only than for men, even though men probably account for over 90% of the homeless. Similarly, look at all the attention and funding devoted to breast cancer versus prostate cancer. Both kill equal numbers but prostate cancer gets only a fraction of the attention, for no other reason than that all its victims are male. (So, sorry to say this, but as long as most love-shy victims are male, society is really not going to give a crap.)

Now I realize that for a very long time, it was the other way around. Guys had all the rights and freedoms while women could not have a career or even vote. Some feminists would say modern men deserve to suffer for something that happened before they were even born and which they had nothing to do with... just as girls today somehow deserve special treatment because of past injustices which they themselves will never experience. But does this logic make any sense?

All this eats me up inside because I know that with my temperament I would have made a much better woman than a man. My shyness would be perceived as demure and attractive instead of creepy and unconfident. I could show little or no outward interest in the opposite sex without being seen as gay. I could make a small salary and have no car without it reducing my attractiveness one bit. My low self-esteem would elicit compassion instead of revulsion. I could show more interest in art, culture and psychology than in beer, sports and monster truck rallies without my sexuality being questioned. As a virgin, I'd be seen as pure instead of a loser. Even without approaching anyone, I would get lots of practice at social skills because they would approach me. In short, my life would have been a success instead of a failure.

If any girl should read this and disagree, I'd like to say just be grateful you won the lottery when you were born. Be thankful you dodged a bullet. It could've been so much worse, you really have no idea. I would give anything to be you.

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Post by NorthAmericanguy » March 16th, 2012, 6:29 pm

I just want to add that this post goes long the lines with the fact that some men turn gay out of the fear that they just can't cut it as a male.

In other words, some men turn gay as a survival tactic to try and capture and benefit from all the protection that is offered to women.

It's really sad that Western society has become this way, as in, men are left to fend for themselves, and there is no (even underground) brotherhood to look out for each other to help young men find jobs and so forth.

Lastly, knowing what I know, I still would NEVER want to come back to this place as a female. I LOVE being a man, and even more so, I love the strength that comes with being a man.


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Post by chanta76 » March 16th, 2012, 7:47 pm

I could see where the poster of that article is coming from but his a little short sighted. The reason why women are having it good in USA ..and only in the western countries really is because I think in the west..there has been too many women libs group. It cause the media to focus so much on women rights . This also cause some people to sympathize with women position.

At the same time men enabled women in the west to get away with so much. If you think about it's just as much as men faults as well as women . Men in the west let women walk over them. I think it's because men in the west put women up on the pedestal too much.

I think the poster of that article wants that feeling of being place on the pedestal. Kind of like the grass is greener on the other side. I think one of the poster here did some experiments here where they place a fake woman ads and got lots of hits . It's called the power of the p***y. A woman in the west could be just average looking and not fat but will be consider desirably in the west. Because of her p***y and how weak men are...she can have that control. But it's as much men fault because we enable this to happen.

Would I want to be a woman? Not really but I wouldn't mind in a social experiment being a woman to prove my theory.

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Post by WuFan » March 16th, 2012, 7:55 pm

Even ugly women have the ability to get laid whenever they want with guys way out of their league.

As a woman being average looking is the new hot.

As a guy being average looking is the new ugly.

In the eyes of society a woman can do no wrong.

Being born with a vagina is like being born as a king in medieval times.

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Post by Rock » March 16th, 2012, 8:01 pm

A visible percentage of males in Thailand try to abandon their manhood by using female hormones combined with some strategic surgeries.

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Post by jamesbond » March 16th, 2012, 9:19 pm

WuFan wrote:Even ugly women have the ability to get laid whenever they want with guys way out of their league.

As a woman being average looking is the new hot.

As a guy being average looking is the new ugly.

In the eyes of society a woman can do no wrong.

Being born with a vagina is like being born as a king in medieval times.
How true! In the US, if the woman has an average looking face and is not fat, she is considered hot! :shock:

I have seen countless good looking guys in the US with women who are unattractive or who are fat. Women's sense of entitlement in western societies is off the charts.

"When I think about the idea of getting involved with an American woman, I don't know if I should laugh .............. or vomit!"

"Trying to meet women in America is like trying to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics."

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Post by All_That_Is_Man » March 18th, 2012, 2:50 am

I can sympathize with the OP, as he strikes me as someone who never had a male role model nor the slightest clue that there are videos, websites, forums, etc. which encourage men to maintain pro-male, strengthening attitudes. That being said, I disagree with his notion. Personally, I wouldn't trade being a man for anything, especially to be a woman. I don't know what else to add, as this thread doesn't really pose a question or discussion topic. And I don't feel like reading through 5+ pages on MGTOW's site.
"Manginas grovel. Men travel." - me (04/17/2012)

"I used to be one of those men who believed that men are better than women at everything. Then I stood corrected!
Women are better than men at... getting fat." - me (02/24/2013)

Black women suck at life.

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