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What to do and where to move to if wealthy?

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Post by eurobrat » March 27th, 2012, 11:14 am

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Post by OzGuy » March 27th, 2012, 11:54 am

I am lucky, as I actually have dual citizenship in an EU country. I will most likely be moving there in a year.

This means I can also live anywhere within the EU.

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Re: What to do and where to move to if wealthy?

Post by S_Parc » March 27th, 2012, 8:54 pm

ph_visitor wrote:Keep in mind that multiple currency accounts are trading brokerage accounts and are not insured locally. Keep deposits in the single local currency only to keep your amount insured.

You are about to discover that having money is a pain in the ass and that once you have it, all sorts of liars and crooks come out of the woodwork to scam you.

I strongly, STRONGLY suggest sound financial, professional advice. Pay for this. DO NOT CHEAP OUT. Do not sign over power of attorney to anyone.

3 trusts, in multiple jurisdictions, should be your first goal after you get your 2nd passport. This will assure that you keep the USA out of your wallet.

One trust for your real estate
One for your business
One for your personal possessions, auto, etc

LLC's set up to own a car, with the single member being a Trust, keeps your ownership hidden and keeps liability from taking all of your money.

Trusts and LLC's will keep you from spending it all or having it stolen.

It is SO f***ing EASY to blow through 10 million dollars. I could set up a budget for you that would spend you broke in 4 or 5 years, easily.


1) Professional Financial Advice
2) 2nd and 3rd Passports
3) Trusts AND LLC's

Keep your mouth shut and for f***s SAKE do NOT tell any woman. You are going to quickly discover that women have a 6th Sense for money and even though you don't say anything, all of these super hot gold-diggers are going to suddenly appear offering unlimited gold-plated, Playboy centrefold quality p***y.
Well, my summary of the above is that Darth should never, ever return to his hometown again. And I'm including the major holidays because elsewhere, he can still drive a 10-12 year old Honda Civic, and be stealth around most persons, only renting a fancy car for specific occasions. But at home, there's no hiding. People there have a social/economic hierarchy all framed up, from earlier decades and now, can sense when one of the birds is loose and free. Thus, all the CLCs (Castrating Lesbian C*nts) AW b*tches will be trolling for his money, esp near home.

Thus, pick a spot in a corporate friendly state (of course away from home), one's USA headquarters, until you can relinquish your entire residency stateside.

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