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A mans prime is from 16-25 in the western world.

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Postby Jester » April 12th, 2012, 9:10 am

All_That_Is_Man wrote:On the other hand, a woman who doesn't take care of herself physically, and is confident/independent, and manages a business is just a penis-envied dyke. It's great to be a man! 8)

Ladyfriends of mine would totally agree with you, enviously, as they spend their money and time to dye the roots, get pedicure and manicure, slather on makeup, etc.
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Postby leavingusa » April 16th, 2012, 9:41 am

Jester wrote:
leavingusa wrote:I think being older does put a wedge in there. Even if you don't get "f**k off" it's hard to build common ground with someone significantly younger. However I think "common ground" between partners is highly overrated in American society.

I don't think having things in common are that important. I think the main thing is weather both parties feel they are getting a good deal and neither party significantly annoys the other.

The common ground thing is an interesting point. In my case, I've connected with Armenian girls age 18-25, (while I was 43-52) but never with much-younger white American girls. Ethnicity substituting for age/generation as common ground. Food for thought.

Of course when I'm in the PI with Ladislav, Winston et al. I will have no freaking common ground at all with the young pinays.

Ah, but I can learn karioke. :idea:

PS Envy you your music-playing ability/gig btw. More power to you!

I hardly had anything in common with most of my girlfriends and it still happened.

Goes to show how little it means, mostly it's about your status relative to hers.

The problem in America is the women have WAY higher status than the men so most men are unattractive.
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