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Nitpicking, The Newest Feminist Tactic

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Nitpicking, The Newest Feminist Tactic

Post by armageddon15 » April 6th, 2012, 7:08 pm

My video...

Video Transcipt:

Nitpicking, The Newest Feminist Tactic

As we all know feminists are idiots, but ill give them credit in that they think of different ways to discredit legitimate concerns. And I’ve noticed a new tactic they’ve been using… where they nitpick on something we say to discredit everything we’re saying. I’ll give an example based on my videos.. in my video on myth good men are hard to find, I said a lot of stuff in there, but at the beginning I said that women can almost always get a f**k buddy or boyfriend, plus all the other shit I said. So one dumbass on city that nitpicked the fact that I said f**k buddy and she completely ignored everything else I said in the video, and went on a mini rant about f**k buddies, like I’m supposed to feel sympathy for her even there since women have that easier too. Fuckin stupid.

She completely ignored everything else I said. And in my video on the study saying a third of women keep men on the back burner, someone complained that I used the word study since its not a study, ok so use the word survey what the f**k is the difference, it doesn’t even matter. If Harvard did the survey and it was published in a journal, does that make it a study or is it still a survey, would anyone care what it was called cuz its from Harvard? No! Most surveys where you ask people questions have major flaws because people lie to make themselves look better or some of them f**k em up to be asshole it doesn’t matter who conducts the survey. And in this case, women would likely lie about the results to make themselves not look like assholes since they love to pretend to be more virtuous than they acutally are, so the numbers are probably worse than what I showed you. And of course all the other points that I said were ignored. I’ve seen other examples but I don’t want to go into it for times sake.

This shit reminds me of when someone is on trial and then the jury can’t use evidence because it wasn’t obtained properly, so people get off on a technicality. Its like if we don’t examine every sentence and every word then feminists feel like they can discredit everything we say with giving any counter evidence. Shit is retarded. That shit doesn’t work like that. if I make 5 points and you don’t agree with me, prove me wrong point my point, you cant be like ‘oh this was poorly worded so you’re stupid and I’m going to discredit you cuz u stupid’; nitpicking is like a combo of deflection and shaming language, and we need to stop this shit now before this becomes more common. So be on the lookout for this new stupid bullshit tactic and call it out as soon as you see it. Thanks for listening and thanks for the subs, im now in the 300s for subs. This is armageddon1115 and I’m anti feminst cuz I’m for equaliy. And please leave comments and tell me of other types of tactics you’ve observed by these stupid ass feminists… peace.

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Post by ExpeditionSailor » April 6th, 2012, 9:29 pm

Nitpicking is nothing other than a form of 'begging the question', a tactic that logicians say opponents use when they can't rebut a proposition with even elementary logic.

I find that the 'broken record' technique works well with nitpickers.

Unfortunately, because so many in our society lack good critical thinking skills, the nitpicking tactic works.

Think Different
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Post by Think Different » April 6th, 2012, 10:11 pm

Nitpicking and nagging is what is called "death by a thousand cuts", actually an ancient form of torture used in ancient Imperial China.

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Post by Ghost » April 7th, 2012, 5:03 am

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Post by armageddon15 » April 7th, 2012, 2:58 pm

Ghost wrote:A feminist tactic indeed, but I don't think it's new. :D

It's part of a woman's thought process: recall the little thing you don't like and harp on it endlessly. Even if it's very little and the rest of the time things are great. Doesn't matter if the man brought home flowers, did the dishes, took out the garbage. And has done so consistently. If he forgot one little thing on June 5th, 1992, then he's an asshole who deserves to be nitpicked to death!
I should have said its being brought back, like its hip and new again. There's nothing revolutionary about it :D

I did a poor job of explaining what I meant in my head, that happens when videos are not scripted.

You're 100% right on the nitpicking about something from 20 years ago, it is pathetic.

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Post by ph_visitor » April 8th, 2012, 3:54 pm

Think Different wrote:what is called "death by a thousand cuts", actually an ancient form of torture used in ancient Imperial China.
1) It wasn't only Ancient China. It existed until 1950 or so. Probably occurred during the Cultural Revolution.

2) It wasn't cuts. Body parts were removed.

3) It wasn't a thousand cuts, it was fewer than 50.

4) It wasn't torture, it was a form of execution. Usually by shock and blood loss.

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