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How Prom Dresses Got So Slutty

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How Prom Dresses Got So Slutty

Post by zboy1 » April 13th, 2012, 9:47 am

Prom dresses have gone from this


to this

* image of strategically covered nudity removed

A good article discussing the trend towards more risque and trashy prom dresses that have coincided with the rise of reality T.V.: ... -so-slutty

Some schools have even gone so far to crack down on inappropriate dresses: ... d%3D151208
The dress code debate is as old as the tradition of prom itself. As high school girls across the country embark on the hunt for the perfect dress, parents and schools are on a mission to ban dresses deemed "inappropriate" from school-funded events. And with the 2012 prom trend forecasts featuring more scandalous dresses than ever before, the national prom-dress debate has intensified.

Many prom dress retailers have been selling increasingly skimpy dresses, as current trends dictate. The popular site, for instance, features a selection of gowns with cut-out backs, sides and midriffs, cleavage-baring tops, sheer materials, and slits that reach the upper thigh.

Buzzfeed's Hillary Reinsberg recently wrote a piece documenting this season's trend of "less fabric, more skin." As Reisenberg notes, many experts lay the blame on reality shows like "Dancing With The Stars" and celebrities' skin-baring red-carpet dresses, which they believe to be dictating the current prom trends.

Catherine Moellering, prom trend tracker and executive vice president of ToBe Report, explained to Buzzfeed: "This whole idea of the red-carpet obsession and getting dressed up is at the forefront of our culture. "The idea that [award show] coverage comes on TV three hours before the show even starts -- that's something new."

While legions of teen girls say 'yes' to these skimpy dresses like the ones they see on their favorite celebrities, schools across the country say no to low-cut necklines, bare backs and short skirts. With tops plunging lower and slits getting higher, many high schools are choosing to enforce prom dress codes and bar students with overly-revealing dresses from the dance. According to Fox4 Kansas City, one school outside of Oklahoma City's prom dress code features a full 12 pages of restrictions.

And it's not just schools that are concerned -- many parents are also laying down the law when it comes to promwear. Often, girls who work and have their own income are able to buy dresses without parental approval because they're not purchasing it on mom or dad's credit card.

One mother of a high school senior said that parents should step in before their daughters leave the house in body-baring dresses. She told My Fox Phoenix: I'd just say no, that's my job as a mom to say you don't want to look like that, I'll help you find something else."

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Post by C.J. » April 13th, 2012, 10:19 am

God, you can almost TASTE her nipples, that dress is showing so damn much! XD

Yeah, I remember my little cousin actually going in a slightly more covering dress to her prom. But I actually endorse her skimpy dress, she was a little uglier than this broad. lol

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Prom Dresses

Post by Greetercb » April 14th, 2012, 10:44 pm

What I dislike about today,s Prom Fashions is NO Nylons at all with Their Pretty Prom Dresses
& The Yucky Flip Flops also. ( Again Yuck.) :x

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Post by Someone » April 14th, 2012, 10:51 pm

Today's school regulations are very tough in most cases -- and most teens today don't have sex and are virgins. A lot of things are banned today that wouldn't have been before.

I do not believe at all that prom dresses are "slutty" these days, anything like that would be banned immediately, like sexting, and there would be all kinds of hand-wringing in the media.

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