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Maybe I am looking at this all wrong.

April 14th, 2012, 3:28 am

I mean it's like looking at a glass half full or half empty. I could spend an entire day just walking around NYC and noticing the inter-racial disparity of Asian women with white men and whine about that or do something about that.

I mean I ask myself when was the last time I approach a woman. I'm not talking about using cheezy pua lines but just trying harder. There are men in America who are getting girls . I don't think all of these men are rich or good looking. Nor are all of them bad boys. I seen some decent looking couples walk by and look happy. I seen Asian guys with girls walk by me too.

Granted the feminist movement f**k things up but women are still women regardless. I think it's partly American men fault for being too weak and putting the p***y up on the pedestal.

It's easy to think that just go overseas and try your luck but I realize I think I been too hard on myself....and just focusing too much on the negative.
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