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The war on men

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Ned Zeppelin
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The war on men

Post by Ned Zeppelin » April 16th, 2012, 5:29 pm

In the news lately, I have been hearing a lot about this so called "war on women". It was supposedly started because of some portion of Obamacare that states that religious institutions pay for their employees birth control. The main feminist argument is that "women have the right to control their own bodies" and that "birth control is a right". The fundamental problem with this argument is that the right to own is equated to have for free. This is all bad but I have more of a problem with the language of the argument than with the argument itself.

There is no war on women. Women are given preferential treatment in just about everything. College applications, job interviews, medical treatment, government subsidizes, the justice system(criminal, civil, and family court), and every social environment has been molded over the last 40 years to suit women. The fact that every job and college has a quota to fill leads to discrimination of 1 group. Men. I can't tell you how many men I personally know have had a job stolen from them by an under qualified whore just because of what's in between their legs. I can't tell you how many men I know who have been screwed over in court because some bitch can turn on her sad face for judge and jury. I can't tell you how many men have gotten cheated out of an education because Suzie high-school was behind them in a line of college applicants. Even the smaller cases of discrimination against men are quite insidious. Where is planned parenthood for men? why can bars only let in females for free but if it was reversed, a lawsuit would be produced in a second?

All the evidence is out in the open. The us government has declared a war on men but who is going to do anything about it. No one. I guess free birth control for women is more important that equality for men.

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Post by djfourmoney » April 16th, 2012, 6:51 pm

You are right there is no "War On Women" more like a "War on Sexuality".

All movements have been shifted to benefit women, its quite shocking. However that MAY be changing. There is a bubbling backlash against the pursuit of career alone because there is ample evidence that women buying into the largely White Collar workplace and of business ownership is detrimental to social society as a whole.

Selma James -
I went on the SlutWalk march. First of all, it was started by a 16-year-old who had had enough of women being raped and the police not paying attention, and who had refused, like women everywhere, to accept that if we dress a particular way or if we speak a particular way or if we do a particular thing, we can be accused. She said, "Accuse us as you like. We accept it all, and we then refuse everything that you accuse us of." So, they were very anti-racist. They were very pro-prostitute. They were very anti-rape. They were very diverse. And they were the new women’s movement. They were very young.

And I didn’t feel, walking with them, that I was surrounded by women who were ambitious. I think that’s really crucial in the women’s movement today, because a lot of feminism has gone into individual careers and into ambition, and there’s some evidence that the class line between women is much greater now with feminism, because a whole set of women have gone into the part of the elite. They get pay equity. They get a lot of kudos, a lot of—they are very accepted in the society. And the rest of us are getting screwed. I mean, our pay is not going up. The child care doesn’t exist or is very bad. Welfare has been abolished. And we really need to have another reason to be together, which is the real conditions of our lives, rather than an individual ambition. And I felt that the SlutWalk was part of that new movement, which says it’s not ambition we want. We want to have the freedom to live the lives as we like them, and we are together for that.
That highlighted in BOLD is the entire problem in a NUTSHELL.

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