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More evidence of the level of hatred western women possess

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More evidence of the level of hatred western women possess

Post by boycottamericanwomen » April 17th, 2012, 1:41 am

You guys might have seen the news about the 19 year old boy beating his mother to death, during his epileptic seizure.

I've been monitoring the case and documenting it on CAF, and here is the link to it: ... fault.aspx

Interesting to note is that NO WOMEN are expressing any sympathy for this poor boy, even though his attack was caused by his seizure and the medications he was taking. THIS is how HATEFUL western women are towards men- they won't excuse a young boy for a drug and seizure induced attack that he didn't even have awareness of later.

We all know that if the tables were reversed- if it was a WOMAN who had attacked and killed a MAN, the women would be shouting "She's a victim and needs help, she shouldn't be tried for a crime, etc". SUCH BLOODY HYPOCRISY!

The level of HATRED OF MEN that western women possess is BEYOND SICKENING.

Boys, it is our DUTY to show the TRUTH to all of our brothers and help SAVE THEM from ever falling victim to one of these monster western women. Tell ALL your friends to NEVER marry, date, hang around, make friendships with, western women. In short, HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH WESTERN WOMEN. Do not even TALK to them. BOYCOTT THEM COMPLETELY.
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