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Office job and success with women?

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Office job and success with women?

Post by Banano » April 17th, 2012, 3:55 am


Just yesterday i discussed this topic with good friend of mine. We both have office jobs and we came to conclusion that women dont dig guys who do 9-5 office job, IT job in our case. 10 years ago I had a vision that ill finish my study, land myself job in the ofice and that will make things easyer with women. Well how wrong was I, it actually had the opposite effect as women dont see you as exiting or creative even though I have ok money, can afford good car, pay the bills etc , but that doesnt seem to be enough even for the women that do shittier jobs than me. So I decided to lie to them abt what i do for living, I put it to test and I started receiving much better responses from women when I told them that i have some sort of family business, builder, property developer , liquor shop or massage studio etc

its my advice to people who do corporate job (unless you are some manager on big bucks) to simply make up some shit that sounds better to their ears, if you think you going to impress with your IT job think again, it wont get her blood pumping, you are just another 9-5 mr nobody..It might sound like cheating but hey as leykis said women lie all the time by wearing make up, pretending not to be a slut, lying abt how many men she slept with, etc

Women love money and power more then we love p***y,

So basically make up some bs that sounds fancy and if you can pull off that illusion nicely you will have more success

I remember leykis saying to take women for drive past some big fancy house in top area that is still in under constuction and say its yours, that will get her panties wet:)
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