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What about the omega males?

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Re: What about the omega males?

Post by Jester » April 28th, 2012, 3:32 am

davewe wrote: Really, most men who live into adulthood are able to get laid, if only occassionally. If you don't believe this just look at the billions of hideous looking people on this planet; they got their looks from some ugly mug who musta had sex at some point.
LOL. Yup. That settles it.

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Post by ExpeditionSailor » April 28th, 2012, 6:02 am

Well, for what it's worth, as ugly as I am, I still managed to find a GF and later ended up married to someone else. I had more sex (and it was smoking hot and regular sex) when I was between 39 and 42 than I had ever had in my life.

Although right now, I'm not getting any action and it doesn't look like I'll get any in my locale any time soon, save for hiring hookers, so overseas I go.

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Post by ph_visitor » April 28th, 2012, 6:24 am

Getting laid is not the same as reproducing.

Please, guys. Think. A little.

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Post by davewe » April 28th, 2012, 7:43 am

ph_visitor wrote:Getting laid is not the same as reproducing.

Please, guys. Think. A little.
I am not really sure what relevance the alpha, beta, omega theories have. Mostly they're used by PUAs and self-described alphas, or by women looking to shame men by referring to them as betas or omegas. I know said PUAs and AWs like to compare humans to wolves in packs but it ain't really so.

As to reproduction, depending on the stats you wanna quote, between 81-86% of adult men and 86-87% of women have reproduced. So the difference between men and women is small and if it was larger thousands of years ago, I would still maintain that was due to the dangers of being a man causing higher mortality rates.

BTW, infertility is a bit higher among women at 10-12%; men about 5%.

But none of this has to do with why Western men need to visit escorts or travel to foreign countries for women. I prefer to think that we travel abroad to find superior women, rather than because we aren't able to find any women in our cultures. The vast majority of men on HA have had wives or gfs in the West and may have even procreated, as scary a thought as that is :)

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Post by djfourmoney » April 28th, 2012, 8:06 am

Infertility when made an issue by men, gets demonized by feminist and then turned around and say men have issues. This is even in the face of stats like you pointed out.

Women openly try to defy logic and turn it on its head. Women over 40 have had more autistic children than women half their age. Best time to have children for women is between 16 and 28. Western Anglo Women don't want to hear that. To them it means their value as measured by the ability to reproduce is eliminated, thus reducing their overall value to the majority of the women.

Its not accident that women that can't have children or don't want to have children no matter how they look have difficulty dating.

Back to escorts and the lesser than acceptable male...

Seemingly good looking men visit Escorts for various reasons. If that is the case then yes and I have seen it, the men that have more than a bit of trouble dating will have to visit escorts to have any sort of mutual sexual contact.

I visit them because while I don't have an issue with attracting women, as I have said different external issues prevent me from dating as I would like. But even when I was employed and had a car, it didn't improve my stock too much.

Plus the majority of women available are ugly or fat or both. This is a complete turnoff on a purely sexual level. That why I rather pay but I pay what I feel the service is worth and that's why I go to Mexico...

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Post by C.J. » April 28th, 2012, 9:15 am

lavezzi wrote:CJ, if you live in America, how do you get escorts? Aren't the escorts in the US absolutely appalling quality and value wise?
Actually, if you know how to get around, you can find some decent escorts in the US. Problem is, you won't find 8-10s just laying around. They want some serious bank for their boink, I knew a couple of them;if you build the bank, they will come. Sometimes it's worth it, but there's a chance you'll just get piggybacked, based on their "success stories"(horror stories?). Most of these happen because the guy is too smitten, so if you break their balls they'll probably give it up quick enough. :D

Anyway, it's not about the looks completely, the important thing to me was how good they were in bed and of course, how low the cost was. You can find some freaky(but clean!), low-cost girls around even the suburbs, which is easy on the internet. The hot girls were more stingy with me, but the moderate looking ones will be good to you if you practice good hygiene. Yes, that does mean I did it with 6s and below most of the time, with some 7-8s in between. But that good p***y will make you forget about that butterface! :)

The key is to look around the moderate to high income areas as those girls have the least exposure, NOT the low income areas! You get those girls at your own risk. :p When I was in Michigan US, I had the best times with girls from Ann Arbor and Livonia. You'd be surprised where you'll find some of these treasures.

You avoid the police and such, by being natural and not talking about the act explicitly, just get to it. If the girl doesn't get to the good stuff but keeps talking about doing it and tries getting you to say explicit stuff, it's probably a trap! The great thing about traps is they don't know how to get veterans turned on - they're higher up hoes, they select very few, not enough practice. ;) Which is why I didn't run into them, even in the more shady areas like run-down motels where law enforcement agents lurk. Knocking on wood helps. :p

Sex is usually an act by two consenting adults. So if you follow the rules, and don't give yourself away(esp. your ID!), you can have a good time trouble-free.

Keep in mind, knowing this would get even an ugly guy like me p***y every week on the coasts back in the early 2000s as long as you had the illusion your bank account wasn't overdrawn every month, with some chance of BB. :D YMMV however.

So it's not like the 3rd world, where a 7+ girl will give it ALL up for the cost of a big mac. But if you're stuck in the US, there is some fun to be had.

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