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Day Game - Why most closes are Foreign Girls not Local Girls

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Day Game - Why most closes are Foreign Girls not Local Girls

Post by spinaroonie » May 3rd, 2012, 2:21 pm

The vast majority of commerical day game closes I've seen have been:

1) local guys going after foreign girls without an established large social circle
2) foreign guys going after local girls and playing up their exotic card is one example. is another example. (Yad and Yosha) is a third example

IMO girls with established social circles are generally much harder to bag than those without. Many of my lays have been girls who had limited social exposure (perhaps had only one or two friends) or didn't have friends at all. These were cool chicks, but for one reason or another, they just didn't seem to have friends.

I've only once banged a super popular chick with tons of friends and that was (unsurprisingly)? through a social circle! I've found that it's next to impossible to lay Facebook junkies with thousands of friends if no one is vouching for you? Just forget about it.

Also, it's always easier to lay foreign chicks than locals, especially if you're a local yourself. When one of you is foreign or when she is in a foreign environment, a lot of social rules as to what is acceptable and what isn't tend to go out the window. This is why expats find it easier to get laid no matter where they are, why European guys get laid more in the US, why American guys get laid more in Europe etc. It's the foreign factor. Some of the most successful players are guys who target a certain foreign demographic or move abroad themselves.

My opinion is that you need much more "alpha capital" to lay a local chick if you're a local yourself, whereas a foreign guy can get away with a lot of shortcomings because they either get lost in translation or they are purposely overlooked.

I'm interested in the input of fellow players on this.

This is one of the few examples of a local guy gaming a local girl:


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Post by gsjackson » May 3rd, 2012, 7:39 pm

Tend to agree. If she's getting out her phone to look at it every couple of minutes, I assume pathological narcissism covered by a vast retinue of false friends, and don't even bother.

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