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Last post here before I throw myself off the bridge

Discuss and talk about any general topic.

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Post by gsjackson » May 5th, 2012, 7:56 pm

Jason of Dystopia wrote: Isn't this one of the main themes in the movie Idiocracy: That whenever the main character tried to do anything half-way civilized, like defend himself in a court of law, he was called a "faggot?"
Yes, if memory serves. Subtlety of language apparently had been discarded; e.g., the hamburger chain Fuddrucker's had become Buttfuckers.

I take it from your posting moniker you understand that the movie described no fictional dystopia. We are well along in the idiocracy.

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Post by MrPeabody » May 6th, 2012, 4:22 am

It's amazing what amuses and entertains people these day. When I want to be amused I watch some of the old cartoons which are still funny and can't be beat. One thing I agreed with AWS, if anyone even mentioned the word suicide in a post, he was automatically kicked off the forum. Outwest was the only one who gave the proper response. The standards of masculinity have really sunk low these days perhaps because boys are being raised by single mothers and the brainwashing they get in the marxist schools. When I was growing up, a man who acted like that would quickly get the shit kicked out of him.

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Post by Fenix » May 6th, 2012, 5:40 am

JohnMichaelJones = BoycottAmericanWomen

This same post was posted by JohnMichaelJones, but someone with a brain deleted that post. Winston, this was posted by JohnMichaelJones a month ago and the thread had the same title and the same words.

This is what the skinny is...All of a sudden, JohnMichaelJones posts about Peter Nolan's "award-winning" book, "the Truth be Told," and then BAW is welcomed back a couple of weeks later? Then Peter Nolan comes on here. Both of these guys are going on a rampage with their MBA, "let's get revenge on women" threads, polluting the forum.

I read the HA Facebook Group from time to time and BAW is making fake Facebook profiles on there to spew his hatred on women on there. Winston, why don't you get it? BoycottAmericanWomen is deranged. I think BAW is Konradzky aka philosophical Filipino or they are least roommates in the same asylum. Why would a guy spend some much time making fake Facebook accounts and HA troll accounts? The dude has no life.

BAW has gotten much worse since his return. All he does is hate on women. If this guy is really in India, why does he have so much hatred in his heart? If he is happily married and India is the greatest country in the world, etc then why even care about American women?

Why waste your time and energy on women you don't want or they don't want you? It doesn't make sense. This guy should have never been brought back. The first moment he was back, he posted like 6 threads about Peter Nolan and why AW suck.

BAW is no better than the feminists that use shaming tactics on men. BAW does the same shit. "You are not a man if you don't stand up for feminist!" All of that bullshit vitriol. Shaming people isn't going to make anything better.Calling everyone faggots, cowards, pussies, etc because they won't report Facebook pages or spam forums saying AW suck isn't going to make AW any better. AW will continue being worthless human beings, if we do anything about it or not. You can't control other people, so stop acting like you are so holier than thou. You aren't solving shit!

Stop bitching about the women here. I would give my left nut to leave America, but you are bitching and moaning about women that live 6000+ miles away from you and you have a wife! This guy contributes absolutely nothing to this forum but hate speech. Be happy in India and shut up! There are thousands of blogs and websites about American women and yours is not any better. It's hilarious how you tried to sell your "eBook," which is just your blog in eBook format (lmao). Then you tried to do the Indian wife service thing and that failed. Now? You are doing the equally failing Men's Business Administration + mythical world passport. 15 MBA members in 2 years? So successful!

Yes, AW suck, but how many times are you going to talk about this? HappierAbroad is about, you know, moving abroad! International living and international dating... I don't see how misogyny correlates with moving overseas. We all had our problems with western women, but BAW takes it to a whole other level. He just hates women and would like nothing better for them to die or seriously harmed.

Call me a mangina, BAW. Please do it! Anyone that doesn't agree with your bullshit is a mangina or a p***y, right? You wouldn't hurt a fly in real life, but you can say all this bullshit on a forum where you can have fun being a nutjob. BAW, you need help and I mean professional help. Last time I checked, we are all grown men and we make our own decisions. We don't need some guy like you telling us what we need to do or question our manhood because we are not doing what you are doing, e.g. wasting time and being a spammer.

I had to write this because I am tired of this shit. This forum has gone downhill in the past 2 years and it is getting worse.

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