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Are you thinking of starting a business or a web site?

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Are you thinking of starting a business or a web site?

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » May 8th, 2012, 5:16 pm

I just saw the item about a member wanting to start his own blog site.

This is a more general post about that.

I host small sites on Dot Net Nuke. A recent example of what I needed to do was to upgrade my two sites from an old DNN to a new DNN. I paid a guy USD900 to do that. I paid via paypal. He did a good job. I wanted him to do more work for me on a casual basis like that because he did do a good job. Here is his linked in. I can recommend him.

Ismet was looking for regular work at a rate that was higher than I wanted to pay. Thats fine. So for my hosting business I am still looking for someone who is willing to do DNN work on a casual "when it comes in" basis and to help me occasionally support the sites. I would now rather that work go to a regular HA sub if there is one.

If anyone knows there way around DNN and is willing to do such casual work and is willing to propose a rate let me know.

IBI Webhosting will only do relatively simple DNN sites. DNN is good as far as it goes but it is more expensive to run a DNN site. I am really only into DNN because I do all my development on windows and so I know the MSFT stack well and DNN is free for the community edition.

If someone wants professional sites done my friends at OPUS are good at that. Because they are based out of cambodia they are very competitive. I now use OPUS as my coders. The connection is the MD is the son of a friend of he can be trusted with my source code.

What I mentioned to the MRA total lack of take that because OPUS is in Cambodia and has great service at low rates any man in the "west" can go out selling "marketing presence" services in their local area and back end that with OPUS. "Marketing Presence" companies MUST be local as you need to meet with those people face to face, look around the place, get a feel for it, so as to be able to put it into their marketing packages and web site.

Pretty much ALL businesses need a web site. I am a one man company and I need a web site.

Selling Web sites to companies is one of the lowest entry cost businesses you could ever get into. I have no idea why NO MAN from the MRA area was interested in starting such a business.

Further....for those men who are thinking of starting their OWN business or already have a business running then you can get very professional services from OPUS or you can host a simple site in IBI.

Naturally...other men might also open up web site businesses...its easy enough.

Another thing that any man here can do if he wants is to look into reselling my software. I would be particularly interested in men selling my software in smaller countries where the cost of the same software from big vendors is too high. I sell my ETL software for EUR20K to EUR50K. Resellers get 50%. I sell the data models for MUCH more.

I have a reseller in Germany so that is out of bounds for resellers. But there are LOTS of countries where I have no presence and no partners. So men who want to go into selling my software in their country would be welcome. I am just starting up touching a whole series of consulting firms in the USA/UK now. At Key Work they have a good sized staff and they are one of the best BI consulting houses in Germany. They specialise in retail but do have other clients. They sell fully hosted BI.

As part of my agreement with Key Work I can hire their staff to deliver BI projects anywhere in the world. So it is now possible for a man to start a BI business and engage us at IBI to build and deliver BI Solutions anywhere in the world. So far only english and german are supported but we can work on other languages. The BIG DEAL is that using my software we are able to deliver the BI Solution at much reduced costs compared to IBM, Oracle, Microsoft etc. So any man here might want to go into the BI Business.

John Rambo is going to be a reseller of my software for his area in India. I have been teaching him about how BI is used in retailers as the main target we will have in India is retailers. For those who want to know about BI here are my downloads links.

BI is a HUGE area now...and I have the best "mousetrap" in my area of specialisation. So men who are willing to put in a few years effort to learn the ropes of BI from one of the worlds top experts, myself, stand a very good chance of creating a business they can sustain over time. Our software will continue to set the standard for low cost ETL development. Our data models will continue to be the best for many years. IBI is built on the "low cost provider" model so the other vendors can not get down to our prices. ... fault.aspx

The whole purpose of MBA is to give men the ability to do business outside guvment the more men who open businesses and trade together the better.

MBA will not start itself.

It needs men who do business to join it and do business together as well as then outward to the general public.

And as I is my hope that men who have businesses running all over the world will offer jobs so men can have the "working holiday" on a deal that works for all parties.

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