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Lord Kimbote
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Post by Lord Kimbote » May 23rd, 2012, 2:45 am

bryansmit50 wrote:I went out and definitely desired up to now a international lady. I got on a aircraft and went there and met Winston too.
I went to a accommodation and just sent out information and it was so simple. I met most females.Many of them were hot.
Did you definitely desired up in this to be about this post when in Asia out of dating American Women?
Or have you always definitely wanted now a foreign American woman?
Lava Men's Rights Movement!!

Lava Men Stand Up!!

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Post by PeterAndrewNolan » May 23rd, 2012, 3:43 am

Ned Zeppelin wrote:Isn't the way this thread turned out funny considering the title? lol
Well I am definitely happier abroad!!!
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Post by manly5000 » May 23rd, 2012, 4:42 am

Blue Murder wrote:Who wants to hear a joke?

Aaaaaahhhhh I get it!!!! :D

Let's examine it further though...


Demo -- Made of DEMOns...

Cra -- bunch of CRAp...

Cy -- the CYcle goes on and on and on and nobody can stop it!!

So democracy = a Demonic bunch of Crap on an endless Cycle!

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Post by boycottamericanwomen » May 23rd, 2012, 5:10 am

Democracy is indeed satanic and engineered by the Illuminati.

When are you guys going to stand up to them? Read Peter's book and then follow the instructions in it.
Attn: Please read "The TRUTH Be Told", a free eBook that can help save you from feminism and your guvment.

Read the book online
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Blue Murder
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Post by Blue Murder » May 23rd, 2012, 7:49 am

manly5000 wrote: Demo-Cra-Cy

Demo -- Made of DEMOns...

Cra -- bunch of CRAp...

Cy -- the CYcle goes on and on and on and nobody can stop it!!

So democracy = a Demonic bunch of Crap on an endless Cycle!
I could not have said it better myself, mate.

And BAW, I'm working on it. Hell -- I pretty much am already. After I get out of the Corps in four years, I'm working for myself, and am going to live in the East somewhere, while trying to become the most travelled man in the world. That's how you start standing up to these crooked countries -- by not LIVING IN THEM.

Allow me to help you though. You can't just toss a book at people (especially in this age) and expect them to read it. If you have a point you want to push, a different method must be implemented.

For example, you, PAN and the other thinkers here should make a mondo-thread; a collection of knowledge and shit that covers key points in the book, ways to leave the West, and helpful shit like that. Pushing the book obviously isn't working. Like in my case, I haven't had a chance to even skim it yet because I've been buzzing around doing different shit.

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Post by djfourmoney » May 23rd, 2012, 9:01 pm

Blue Murder wrote:
djfourmoney wrote:I only bring it up because its the core of equality but if your not Black you've been taught by Anglo societies to not be concerned with it, until its time to vote anyway... Then more conservative politicians will tout fiscal responsibility (in cutting social programs) and that "some" don't pay any taxes at all, which is conflation of the truth, you cheer and pull the lever without either asking WHY yourself or forcing the media to ask WHY....

There en-lies the disconnect. You may not personally feel racist but your actions speak louder than words.

The Men's movement won't be united because Men ourselves are not united on issue, after issue, after issue. Some rather put push all those issues aside and focus on Feminism. Okay, we can go that route but then we always, always, ALWAYS come back to ECONOMICS....

So until we tackle equality and the pursuit of it is not invalid at all, but a life long struggle, recognize that it will solve so many other problems at the same time, then this movement will never gain widespread approval or the diversity it needs to make it valid.

Women's movement succeeded because it was diverse (all types of Women, rich, poor, working, white, black, yellow, etc, even men). The fact it was co-op'ed later is really not a concern and a diversion in the grand scheme of things. They became powerful enough for the powers that be to try and successfully co-op it. This phony concern with national security agencies monitoring the Men's movement is fallacy at best. When you've been taken to a Fusion Center, have a GPS tracker on your car and have your phones tapped let me know.

I thought this was about gaining respect, the fact that you are a productive member of society should be judged as "Good Enough" and you should be concerned by 80% of the available single women.

As you correctly state this starts with you from the moment you get up in the morning. Well when I get up in the morning, I don't see don't have a problem with men of different races we face the same issues and its equality at the core of it, to say its something else is false and no alternative will solve this problem.
Don't try to twist what I said. Just stop talking about it! I don't care about civil rights this, and understanding that. Just. Shut. UP! You're two seconds away from being a very sad person -- that is, when I go on my equal-opportunity racial rant.

You're a grown-man. Come on now. I accepted racism when I still pissed myself; understood it and everything. It bothered me at first, but I eventually learned to shrug it off. It's apart of life. And instead of whining about it, why not do something to solve the problem?

To put it simply, either solve it, or shut it.
Who is whining? Unlike the majority here I am apart of a movement that is trying to solve it and it will get solved. Our future on this planet depends on it. I shrug it off most of the time, but sometimes it get to a point that my PROGRESS is stopped by it (not by the feeling or thought of) knowing I can't get any sort of help at all, with anything.

And why should I depend on other men, hmmm? You never loan out money you can't afford to loose. That said, I have lend out thousands likely if not more and yet when its time to ask for a favor, nobody is around. Is that people or is that culture? That is culture, the culture of racism comes up in casual conversation and if that happens that affect voting patterns and the direction of policy.

Now ask yourself, why has the social safety net shrunk? Why is it so hard to get Unemployment Insurance? May I remind people that UI was laid out simply by FDR, its been made complicated by countless others since then. If you didn't have a job, you got assistance. Now its turned into you if you were fired not of your own making (how rare is that?) you get access to NOTHING.

I am one of 6 MILLION (With an M) without any sort of income AT ALL. I am a f***ing man, I don't make excuses, I'll be leaving for Europe sometimes this year despite not having any official income. In Europe is politically unpopular to attack the social safety net. Here for racist people its a right to passage, rail against the poor because its mostly Black and Brown people anyway. Imagine some White dude telling you that he's the wrong color to get social assistance that should make your blood boil.

He's a Proud White Man, he needs no help (he'll complain though as he drowns his disappointment in mug of beer or goes to the firing range...)

I really don't give a f**k about racist people actually but they vote and that's an issue....

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