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America's epidemic of serial killers and other psychotics.

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America's epidemic of serial killers and other psychotics.

Post by Repatriate » May 20th, 2012, 10:52 am

Lately, i've been listening to the True Murder podcast hosted by a writer named Dan Zupansky. He interviews various authors who write about serial killers etc.. going over some of the most notorious cases. Some of the writers were even directly connected to the killer as a victim. It's particularly interesting when he goes over the less well known cases because these almost never make the national press.

Zupansky is Canadian and he's mentioned many times how prevalent serial killers are in U.S. society. Other writers he's had on (most of them American) have said the same thing. There are literally dozens of active serial killers in the U.S. at any given time and lots of them get arrested and never make the national news because they usually get caught after killing a couple people. We know about the John Wayne Gacy's the Ted Bundy's etc.. but there are various freeway killers and guys like BTK (bind torture kill) who were active for decades.

One thing that characterizes these people seems to be extreme sexual depravity. It's interesting how there doesn't seem to this creation of psychotics and serial killers in other developed countries like Japan, Korea, Australia, or the E.U. I know there have been high profile serial killers in all those countries but per capita the U.S. produces a lot more of these men and women.

Then there's the Columbine kids, Virginia Tech, the Korean guy who shot up the nurses school in CA and various other spree killing incidents that are really common in U.S. society too. When something like this happened in Norway it was really unusual and everyone was shocked. If it happened in the U.S. it'd just be another typical incident.

It's really fascinating when you start looking into how prevalent all this is in the U.S. It's a really damaged society that actually produces mentally damaged and dangerous people.

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Post by sushiman » May 20th, 2012, 3:24 pm

Yep check out the movie "American Psycho". Classic.

What you say is true. In Asia if guys have some tension building up they go get drunk and bang a working morning they don't remember any problems!! Asia is also a very respectful place, people bow and say sorry instead of flipping you the finger. In the USA tension and anger build up unrelenting for decades and people finally snap. Every guy has a limit, you push him past the limit and dangerous things can happen.

Of course in the USA saying what I just said is wrong and incomprehensible and could probably land a person in jail.

But they have 5% of the worlds population and 25% of the worlds prisoners. something ain't right.

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Post by Taco » May 20th, 2012, 3:47 pm

I just finished watching the documentary, "I Psychopath". A true story about a corporate psychopath with an IQ of 185.

I, Psychopath - Documentary - [part 1]

I, Psychopath - Documentary - [part 2] ... ure=relmfu

I, Psychopath - Documentary - [part 3] ... ure=relmfu

I, Psychopath - Documentary - [part 4] ... ure=relmfu

I, Psychopath - Documentary - [part 5] ... ure=relmfu

I, Psychopath - Documentary - [part 6] ... ure=relmfu

I, Psychopath - Documentary - [part 7] ... ure=relmfu

I, Psychopath - Documentary - [part 8] ... ure=relmfu

I, Psychopath - Documentary - [part 9] ... ure=relmfu

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Post by Maker55 » May 20th, 2012, 4:07 pm

America has 76 percent of the world's serial killers.

The europeans who settled in America were very violent and very religious.

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Post by sushiman » May 21st, 2012, 5:49 am

Taco, I checked out the first three parts of that movie. Actually I worked with a lady who was basically the female version of that guy. She was a full on raging psychopath firmly embedded in the corporate world, we all knew it, but it's not illegal to be a psycho.

Really we are talking about two things 1) regular people who go postal one day due to constant pressure building up, and 2) full on psychopaths who tend to thrive in that system.

People think of psychopaths as axe killers but that is only one part of it. They are all over wall street (finance really attracts cold manipulating people with no conscious). I worked with one in particular who was the scariest human I've ever encountered. You can't do that to people in Asia because it is all about relationships, you blow the relation and your done. But in the USA these people do very well in the corporate world or running their own business.

That's my theory, it's not that there are more born in the US than other nations, just that they can really thrive in the US. It's like a psychopath playground! :)
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Post by boycottamericanwomen » May 21st, 2012, 7:48 am

America is a sick, dysfunctional culture. In other cultures where people are more normal and well adjusted, and that has more FAMILY VALUES, we don't find such sick and violent people.

The destruction of the family is the root of all of this. Thanks feminism.
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