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Never, ever let a woman walk on you or abuse you.

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Never, ever let a woman walk on you or abuse you.

Post by GuitarGuy996 » May 21st, 2012, 9:52 am

Being an American who has had decent (not AMAZING mind you) success with women, I've grown some callous to ball busting women. We, as men, should not be afraid of our role as leaders and the sole driving force of civilization. My business is starting to pick up and I now have people working underneath me, and for the first time in my life find myself having to be the "bad guy" and make tough judgment calls. However, having been stepped on my whole life, I know the value of being a kind and fair leader.

I am learning slowly, day by day, what my father's role was in raising me. Men have to make the tough decisions. Survival is not based on emotions, although they are necessary from time to time. Mom was always the "good guy", dad was the "bad guy", yet I realize the importance of my fathers role.

Do not treat women like they are underneath you, however...treat women like they are on the same level as you. If a man disrespects you, there are repercussions; it should be no different than with women. If a woman gives you shit, she should be accountable for her actions. Society makes women think they are not accountable for their actions. I have noticed that the women I treat as my equal and not as some immortal, infallible goddess, end up being attracted to me the most, reinforcing the idea that the man's role is to be the leader.

-Guitar Guy

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Post by ExpeditionSailor » May 21st, 2012, 2:16 pm

My now ex-wife tried to walk all over me once. She was quickly surprised to find that my balls were made of steel and I wasn't about to let her walk all over me.

She tried to do this twice to me. Once, when her 17 year-old son got his 15 year-old GF pregnant and she wanted to move the girl and the baby into our house.

The second time, we had already split up and she called me up out of the blue one day to demand that I had better give her some money or she would hire a lawyer and get a judge to force me to give her what she wanted. I called her bluff and nothing happened, of course. So I went down to the court house, filled out papers for an uncontested divorce, and six months later had a divorce decree in my hands. Best $500 I've ever spent.

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Post by boycottamericanwomen » May 21st, 2012, 7:10 pm

Wait, are you still in India? How did that go, as for meeting women? How many indian girls did you f**k, and can you describe the circumstances? Such as, where did you f**k them, at a hotel or at someone's house? Reason I ask is, Indians are pretty damn uptight when it comes to sex outside of marriage.
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