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"Womb-man" says Contraception is Bad for Her

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"Womb-man" says Contraception is Bad for Her

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » May 22nd, 2012, 6:19 pm

Poor baby....she got what her sisters demanded and now she is all upset about it. ... ale_p.html
"Womb-man" says Contraception is Bad for Her

May 20, 2012

Beth Mueller is a 34-year-old
German woman who thinks separating sex and procreation is psychologically damaging.

by Beth Mueller

Although we all call ourselves human, men and women are completely different creatures. Just look at our bodies. Although the list is long, the obvious difference is often so easily overlooked and underestimated: the womb. It is what makes us female.

When I really started to understand the depth of what this meant, it changed my entire outlook on life. The problem is that modern society teaches women not to identify with their womb and the fact that they were designed by God to get pregnant.

We should be having children. We should even be having them early! That is our God-given role in nature.

I am 34 years old and I will never put myself in the position where I have to say to a man, "Honey, I'm pregnant, WHAT DO YOU THINK?"

I should know that the man is there for me and that- as scary as it may be for both- the fact that I am pregnant should not come as a shock! IT IS THE LOGICAL CONSEQUENCE OF SEX. Might as well get things set up for a life and a future beforehand...

I have no idea what a condom feels like for a man, but as a woman it is terrible. It took me a while to figure out why I found it so disgusting, till I realized it's the subconscious message: " I want to sleep with you, but I do not want to give you my all, my seed"

It makes me feel used. One time, I had a boyfriend who I cared for very much. We had not seen each other in a while, it was agreed that a condom be used, but in the heat of the moment, at the moment I had completely trusted myself over to him and couldn't say no anymore either, he entered without was such a traumatic, painful and paralyzing feeling because at that moment I just knew that I was alone.

This guy did not have the means to help me. Although he said that he would be there for me and help, I just realized he did not have the means and that I was alone... although I don't blame him and love him as a human being, my romantic feelings for him just disappeared from one moment to the next, never to return because I just felt so empty and had been me helping him financially, me carrying all the burden, he probably couldn't have even helped me finance an abortion.

Thank God it never came to that, I was not pregnant, but that could have been my fate...I've already accompanied two girl friends to get the day-after that what life is all about?

And the terrible thing is that- as much as we try to work against it- God designed women to get pregnant. It should be our greatest joy! Instead we act like it is a punishment from God!

And we do everything to avoid the most natural thing in the world...and to the point that we feel subconsciously guilty about the fact that we can get pregnant.

I have made a decision. If the thought of becoming pregnant the moment I am having sex does not bring me joy, but fear of dealing with it alone, it is not worth it. ...

Condoms are so terrible that most opt for the pill. I ask you, is that any better? For men, it's easier because it's not their body, they can focus on the sex...but, what does the pill really do to a woman's body and her psyche??

This is an area which no one likes to talk about...decreased libido, pseudo-pregnancy, depression...and everyone acts like it's only about finding "the right one"!

No one is questioning the whole concept as a whole...

I have had many women even go a step further, just get the tubes tied.... when a women starts messing with and deactivating the womb...she is also flushing her womanhood down the drain with it...

The womb stands for motherhood and motherly, nurturing and caring qualities... a woman without a womb is a man, just look at how some of them act...

For woman to start healing from all this mess, we need to start identifying ourselves with our womb! We should love the fact that we can get pregnant from the inside, identify ourselves with our body and the way God made us...

Everything else is hurting ourselves (often on a sub-conscious level). We need to know what we are looking for in a man. It's our duty to set higher standards. Women are worth so much more. We have been selling ourselves too cheap.

We need to send men a clear message. Women and children come part and parcel. If you only want me with contraception you must not want me bad enough.

It's selfish of men to want the sex and not give their all, the seed...women are fertile ground. We are designed for something to be planted and to grow in us....

Take that away from us and you have no idea what it does to our psyche. Take that away from us and we turn into men. Act like men. That's the problem.

Then the men complain that there are no real females left...but for those of us left, who actually wants the responsibility of providing for us and children?

Save the males...but what about the females? Who can save us? We have to work together to expose the lies and propaganda to start saving each other...


Beth responds to Bill whose comment is below:

No seed is worth it if the man thinks like you, Bill... if this woman were to accept your negativity she would opt for a life alone and accept the status quo....but this woman believes that the only way of fighting a culture of death is with life....and life is in the womb. We must start having children despite all (illusional) odds. Or else there will be no more humanity.

This woman knows that there is a true and living God. It's about HIM , not us. She knows that God will provide the right husband for her - not the perfect man, for there is no such thing: no one is perfect except God Himself, but we should all strive to be more like HIM, in whose image we are made...
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Re: "Womb-man" says Contraception is Bad for Her

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » May 22nd, 2012, 6:21 pm

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