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The Truth About What's Going On

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The Truth About What's Going On

Post by Maker55 » May 25th, 2012, 8:54 pm

The financial crisis of the world isn't happening by accident.

It's happening because the central bankers want to end all currency around the world.

That's why the US dollar and other currencies around the world are being devalued.

The US economy survives on debt and prints endless fiat money that's basically worthless. Our dollar is nothing but monopoly money that's worthless.

We are experiencing an inflation in the US, similar to what Germany experience prior to Hitler's reign. Prices will continue to go up.

The middle class is disappearing. In the future, there will be only rich and poor.

The 3 most important words of all of this is: New World Order. They want to remove all boundaries and create a 1 world political and economic power.

That's why the prices of gold and silver will go up as well due to this inflation. Investing in silver will make you very wealthy.

They are planning to turn Canada, US and Mexico into the North American Union and we will have a new currency possibly called the Amero.

You can survive the future if you learn how to harness the power of the most important element of our future: The Internet

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