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Me = outgoing enough to hit the dance floor alone. PI?

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Me = outgoing enough to hit the dance floor alone. PI?

Postby manly5000 » Sat Jun 02, 2012 3:58 am


So here's the deal with me --- I love to dance. Here in the USA, I have no problems whatsoever going to a club by myself, hitting the dance floor by myself, and tearing it up with awesome moves and having fun the entire god damn time.

Sure, Ameriskanks look at me like I'm crazy.

Sure, White knight shy guys and Alphas alike look at me like I'm a fool.

But I'm out there on the floor, doin my thing, and I've got SKILLS. Skills and a desire to have fun no matter what the assholes and bitches of our society think of me. Sure, I don't really get much positive attention from these poor excuses for "women" here in the states. But I still do get some. I do my own thing, have fun, and am probably one of the most extroverted guys I know.

I can chat with a total stranger and treat them like we've been friends for years.

So, what will this kind of thing do for me in places like the Phillipine Islands?

Do they love a guy who isn't afraid to express himself? A guy who knows how to have fun and doesn't give a GOOD GOD DAMN what anybody thinks of him?

Just curious guys.

Yeah I've had a few drinks tonight. So sue me.

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Postby Billy » Sat Jun 02, 2012 8:21 am

Hi fellow dancer. Probably it will be a good thing there :).
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