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How enlightened women reject men.

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How enlightened women reject men.

Post by Cyrus » June 26th, 2012, 9:49 pm

One of the things that fuels the U.S. "gender war" is that couples are continually burning bridges from hate-filled breakups.

This is again because of shallow, materialistic standards that infect U.S. dating culture.

Women across the rest of the world (aka real-life) treat relationships differently in my personal experience. This is only noticeable by comparison to how it's done in the U.S. If not for the bizarre behavior of Americans, there would be no way to recognize this difference.

In America, women tend to reject men or break up with them because of physical, material "flaws", and they will point them out.

"Look, honey, I'm not satisfied with the size of your penis".

"You're just not making money"

"I won't go out with you because you're not my type. Thanks. Bye" (ie: not 6 ft with Popeye arms, a six-figure salary, a huge dick and a cocky Dane Cook personality).

"Let's just be friends" (woman proceeds to gossip with her girlfriends about how you are not good looking enough, making enough money, etc etc).

We've all been there. Well, I've come to find that the way 'enlightened' American women treat guys, or most women abroad in Europe or Asia, is different.

They will explain that the vibe is off. They base their decisions on a lack of chemistry, a more holistic approach to relationships. They know when they "feel" there is no spark. Early on, determining there's no "spark" prevents later heartache. If you start dating a guy who your personality is not compatible with, you could care about him but ultimately have to call things off because it's the wrong combination of spiritual ingredients.

But by comparison when a woman rejects a guy because of some physical feature or bullshit, material reason--the guy becomes immasculated--which means his sense of masculinity is damaged--and self-esteem is hurt. It causes American men to focus intensely on self-perceived physical shortcomings. It also causes anger and resentment against women.

If you've ever been rejected by an asian or east European woman, you'll know what the alternative is like. Typically you'll BOTH be on the same page, and the woman is simply pointing out something that you both already knew--that you're not right for one another. There's no reason to fight or be angry, hurt, or to have your self-esteem damaged. You might be sad or heartbroken, but your sense of "self" isn't damaged. However, since most women abroad understand that even sexual relationships begin at the casual level, there's no reason for 'rejection" to even occur as typically you simply grow apart, maybe rekindling later on, or not at all--and there's no problem.

It goes both ways. Men behave this way in America too, but maybe not as predominantly. The American men with options (the 10-20% of men with up-to-par physical looks) will often impose these same standards back on women, and this only makes things worse. They will reject women because their skin isn't tan enough, breast size is too small, they're "fat" (140lbs!!). Sometimes they are even more calloused than women are about it.

"Bitch, you're fat, I'm breaking up with you".

And so the unhealthy American dating cycle continues.

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