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American Women and "Sexual Freedom"

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American Women and "Sexual Freedom"

Post by The_Hero_of_Men » July 2nd, 2012, 3:41 pm

Last night, while I was out to dinner, I was talking with this woman I saw and our conversation ended up on American women and "sexual freedom". While this woman was 100% American, you guys could tell that she did not buy into the feminist nonsense that pervades every corner of American society. Anyway, she told me about how women having "sexual freedom" is not really a good thing, and how they think they're exercizing sexual liberation by sleeping with multiple partners (mostly thugs, bad-boys, and players), they're actually digging their own graves (i.e. building a nasty reputation). I told her, "Yeah, you're right! These women might be practicing what they call sexual liberation, and it might actually be freedom! But what they fail to realize is this: FREEDOM IS NOT FREE (as per an old military saying). They might be having fun sleeping with multiple players and thugs, but sooner or later, they WILL have to pay the Piper, whether the price that is demanded of them is their reputation, their physical, mental, and/or emotional health, and/or their very LIVES." She agreed with me.
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