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How rare or common are acts of kindness in your life?

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How rare or common are acts of kindness in your life?

Postby PeterAndrewNolan » July 21st, 2012, 9:30 pm

I put this on Maggies blog today...

I thought I would ask other men rare are genuine acts of love or kindness from women in your life where that woman does not have a self interest is selling you on the idea she loves you and is kind to you? ... hat-was-29

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Hi Maggie,
I came across this quote today. It is worthy of your readers.

A good question would be “Why is sexual satisfaction so rare for men that they are willing to pay USD300 for an hour of it?â€￾

Reading this quote and linking it to sex workers had me ask myself a question.

Prior to meeting eastern european women, how many acts of love and kindness did I experience in my life where it was NOT my mother, my grand mothers, my aunts etc.? And was NOT by a woman who was self interested in me and what I had to offer… in my ex when we were dating.

I mean an act of kindness that was not “familyâ€￾. I have given out thousands and thousands of such acts to men and women alike.

You will be surprised at the answer…it is: ONE.

I am 48. I can remember ONE act of love and kindness from a woman that did not have a personal interest in doing so who was not a member of my family. It was an ex gf of mine when I was 18. She comforted me at the funeral of my cousin whom I was very, very close to. We grew up together. The three of us (another cousin born close to us) were inseparable all our young lives. I was very, very distressed at his funeral and my ex gf was the ONLY one who showed some love and kindness. Everyone else was “tough it outâ€￾. How do you “tough outâ€￾ your first experience of death of someone that close?

By the way. I had buried my grandfather just two weeks earlier so I was already in a mess.

But this quote and my experience got me thinking. Why is the “productâ€￾ of love, affection, kindness, support, intimacy such a rare product in the world today, and, presumably always since sex work is “the worlds oldest professionâ€￾.

Why do our women hate us so much that a man can get to 44 and only recall one single act of love and kindness by someone not family in his life in the west? Answer that and you might start understanding Marc Lepine, George Sodini and this Dark Knight killer.

In stark contrast I have had so many acts of kindness from eastern european women these last 4 years I could not remember them all even already….I would have to be more that 20 or so I can recall off the top of my head.

“Products of Artificial Scarcity

Our entire system, in an economic sense, is based on restriction. Scarcity and inefficiency are the movers of money, the more there is of any resource the less you can charge for it. the more problems there are, the more opportunities there are to make money.

This reality is a social disease, for people can actually gain off the misery of others and the destruction of the environment. Efficiency, abundance and sustainability are enemies of our economic structure, for they are inverse to the mechanics required to perpetuate consumption.

This is profoundly critical to understand, for once you put this together you begin to see that the one billion people currently starving on this planet, the endless slums of the poor and all the horrors of a culture due to poverty and pravity, are not natural phenomenon due to some natural human order or lack of earthly resources. They are products of the creation, perpetuation and preservation of artificial scarcity and inefficiency.â€￾

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