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Olympics now all about women

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Post by FREEDOM1 » August 2nd, 2012, 4:00 am

Olympics is the biggest croc of shit ever!

Corporations make money out of it, thats what it's all about now $$$

Beach volleyball - an olympic sport - Get the f**k out of here

Equestrian - an olympic sport - Get the f**k out of here

Badminton - an olympic sport - Get the f**k out of here

Table tennis - an olympic sport - Get the f**k out of here

The list goes on and on, of bullshit retarded sports that no one gives a f**k about that are in the fagolympics

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Post by zboy1 » August 2nd, 2012, 5:28 am

I stopped watching the Olympics after they let professionals in. It was much better when they let only amateurs compete in it.

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Post by All_That_Is_Man » August 9th, 2012, 6:16 am

The Professor himself speaks on female sports (same concept can apply to the Hoe-lympics)

"Manginas grovel. Men travel." - me (04/17/2012)

"I used to be one of those men who believed that men are better than women at everything. Then I stood corrected!
Women are better than men at... getting fat." - me (02/24/2013)

Black women suck at life.

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Post by FreeYourMind » August 9th, 2012, 10:50 am

It's more accurate to say that NBC's coverage of the Olympics is all about females, not the Games themselves. I would guess the coverage is just as vagina-centric in Britain, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the feminazisphere.

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Post by gredman » August 9th, 2012, 6:07 pm

xiongmao wrote:It's been a pretty good Olympics so far. The opening ceremony was well received by everywhere on Earth, except maybe in the US.

The cycling was great, and the women's race was actually better than the men's.

Watching Mitt Romney make an ass of himself, well that was entertaining as well. Some Americans shouldn't be allowed abroad. I don't know how his overseas (his first?) trip was reported back home, but in the UK he's now a laughing stock.
Did you post this on too? I love that community. Are you in Russia??
Kazhdy odinokovy po svoemu...

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