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Girls Like Tattoos

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Girls Like Tattoos

Post by DevilsAdvocate » July 31st, 2012, 6:27 am

I just got back from Whole Foods, there was this very good looking blonde girl there with this guy who has tattoos all over his body. To me this is disgusting beyond belief, I don't look at this guy as a "bad boy" but a reject beyond belief.

And so yes I'm saying and admitting that I believe I'm far superior to him in every possible way, to me the guy is like a worm to me, a mental retard of human being, a low class idiot beyond description who I could easily kick his punk f***ing ass like I was fighting a two year old little f***ing girl.

This is why I cannot date a f***ing American slut hoe, they are skanks beyond description, they are retards in their minds, low class low IQ bottom of the barrel skanks, there is no other way of saying it.

It's like the whole country has become trailer trash in the mind.....

This is why my dick just don't get hard for a American girl, it's who they are and who they go out with that makes me just not want to have anything to do with them, I feel I'm way better than they are, superior to these women in every way, and it would be like me going out with some two bit hoe and settle for that because I need to have some p***y.

This is why I personally have no choice but to look outside the country because I'm just not attracted to these women anymore, and I keep trying to be but I just cannot do it. If I did want to try and go out with a girl here I would start asking out Asian girls, I have no idea if they would say yes or not, but I would try, because they seem like normal girls to me, I like them.

I'm not so sure about Latinas, I think they do like me but I get so many Latinas giving me the evil eye all the time, it's like they are saying in their mind when they look at me "oh this guy thinks he's really something special,.......asshole".....

While others do give me a nice smile....

I think maybe Latinas have too much spice for me, that's why I really like the Asian girls because they are conservative like I am, they are reserved like I am, they are intelligent like I am, and I just seem to identify with them more, and they don't seem fake to me.

I'm off to South East Asia soon to look for a girl, or if I see one here I'm going to ask her out. Like it wasn't long ago there was this Asian girl who I was right next too, we both looked at each other and smiled and I thought maybe she might have liked me, and I looked at her like "wow, she is a hot one". I could have asked her out right then and there but was talking with a Filipina online and didn't do it. Next opportunity I won't let go by like that, there are some hot Asian girls around here and I might as well try to ask some of them out and see what they say. I have never asked one out before so I have no idea if they will go out with me or not but I guess I can try.....

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