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Podcast of email sent to over 800 politicians

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Podcast of email sent to over 800 politicians

Postby PeterAndrewNolan » Tue Aug 21, 2012 1:06 pm

Hi Winston,
you gotta love those dumb ass MRAs. The BIG NEWS in the MRA world is John the Other put up some street posters in Vancouver and...shock horror....some fema-nazis took them down. Colour me surprised. This gets HUNDREDS of views and lots of MRAs are talking about it.

GWW flashes her smile and a bit of tit and she is getting 30,000 views and dumbass MRAs are falling all over here like she is the next coming of christ despite the fact she is as dumb as a rock.

She is "surprised" one of her friends is being falsely accused by his ex...and her solution!?!?! CALL THE LOCAL POLICE AND TELL THEM THIS IS WRONG!!!


And THEN some fema-nazies try and get her channel shut down and she is all "upset" about it! LOL!! What a dumb bitch that broad is...all this is NEWS to her! LOL!! Shes been living is la-la land and she SUDDENLY notices women are bitches in the west who will attack anyone who supports a man! about finger on the

And in the meantime I issued a letter last week to more than 800 in office politicians in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and the european parliament letting them know that WE KNOW their legal system is a criminal cartel, that WE KNOW THEY KNOW the legal system is a criminal cartel....that WE KNOW THEY KNOW they have no right to infringe our right to travel, live and work anywhere we choose so long as the local people accept us into their local community.

And how many men are interested in following up THAT sort of thing....almost deserve their slavery, they really do.

And what will men say... "they will ignore you", "so prove the result", "they will throw you ass in jail", "let me know how you get on with that" and 1,000 other things because they are too gutless to stand up for themselves. Here is what it looks like to be having a go.....and knowing the TRUTH from all the crap that men are putting about.

They put your remedy on the FIRST PAGE of the bible....yet men STILL WILL NOT BELIEVE IT.

Freaking amazing how stupid men are. That ASIO has been going ape this week tells me I am REALLY pissing them off now....

Well? just wait until you see what I am delivering to the Irish Parliament today.

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