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This is how stupid western men are now

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This is how stupid western men are now

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » August 28th, 2012, 1:04 am

feel free to meet my friend Terance Healy.

He lives in PA USA. He has been through what he calls a Terroristic Divorce. He has sought help from the MRA area and, of course, gotten none.

I gave him advice and, of course, he ignored it.

This is how messed up men are now.....they say they want help but when it arrives is a form they do not believe and do not even study to find out if it is true they will not accept the help offered. Then they wonder why they are not getting any help when they have, in fact, turned down the offer of a remedy.

Western men are deranged they are so ignorant and clueless as to what has been done to create a control grid around them. They really are.

Terance is a really good example if what men in divorce do....they are convinced they know how the system works and they fight the system not realising that the purpose of that system is to destroy the man....period. Just ask John Cleese.

That the remedy for men in divorce has been available nearly 2 years now and men refuse to use it is the absolute proof of just how stupid western men are. Is there a bigger issue than divorce for men in the west today? I do not think so. And when presented with the remedy men will not use it and will still complain about how bad they have it......very mixed up people.
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