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Proof that the western political system is a sham...

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Proof that the western political system is a sham...

Postby C.J. » Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:03 am ... itics.html

What this does, is allow the federal government to keep election rigging. The voter ID law would require ALL ballot casters to be ALIVE and documented before making the votes, thus effectively making election and campaign results FAIR. A different political story would be told if this law were to come into effect. This would NOT stop poor people from voting, who would actually want to vote, according to various federal organizations. Poor people can get 500 dollars worth of groceries a month for free, they can get the required documents to vote. A weak excuse by a bunch of racist nobodies.

Did you know that a ton of votes that effectively change history are from DEAD(can no longer vote for obvious reasons), undocumented(illegal immigrants) or non-existent(MADE UP!) people? The feds need a way to deceive folks into thinking their votes matter, thus persuading lots of people into giving away their free will.

This is why any state that tries to validate its own voters will be shot down. No one can escape the political illusion, for fear that the entire plan behind your government might be unraveled.

Free will is tangible and important, as the power over slaves doesn't come from their master, it comes from the slaves' own will itself to allow their master to control them. This is why the federal governing entities exist in the first place. They're basically just a bunch of old people sayoing you can't do what they don't want you to do. In the grand scheme of things, they have NO REAL AUTHORITY. So aside from the incredible corruption of the western justice system, you can destroy these weak arguments in court.

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