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Bangladeshis talk about how evil western culture is

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Bangladeshis talk about how evil western culture is

Post by AmericanEvil » September 17th, 2012, 10:45 am

Just found this. ... /page1.htm

"I do believe that western culture is not a very ideal and ethical one to be followed. It benefits mainly prioritising the interest of the rich, perverted, sex-maniac and greedy kind of people. Sad but true that this culture has been managed to spread all over the world, by mean of media, and by mean of tourists from those countries. But I also believe that what is being shown is not the total picture of the culture. There are some glorious achievements which made those countries develop so much and they should give emphasise on those rather than rapturous mood."
Monjur Elahi, Bangladesh 17/10/2002

"Western culture has ruined our culture. Bangladeshis are forgetting our own culture. I'm not saying the western culture is bad, but some people in our country follow the bad things of the western culture. In my view, Bangladeshi culture is much much better than the west. We are hospitable, we look after our parents when they are getting old, we listen to their words, we admire them, where this does not happen in the west. They leave them in an old people's home. They only care about their own life."
Saberin, Bangladesh 25/10/2002

"Huge disadvantage. Because we only take bad things not good things."
Anwar Zahid, Bangladesh 17/10/2002

"There are more disadvantages than advantages. It has made people to forget what is more important in life and what is not which you can see in most of the advertisements on the media. It is also trying to dictate on how people should live life."
Hazuan Hashim, Malaysia 8/10/2002

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I was almost raped by a Bangladeshi

Post by Indianhater49 » September 19th, 2012, 5:21 pm

Bangladeshis Are the same as Indians. They try to push you in their room for sex. I am an American and he wasn't successful. Thank God for cell phones that connect to the police.

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Post by AmericanEvil » September 19th, 2012, 6:23 pm

What was a disgusting f***ing whore like you doing around a Bangladeshi or Indian man to begin with, you disgusting whore?

YOU are the real problem, dumb c**ts like you are stupid enough to give them attention in the first place.

Go drop dead, you disgusting c**t.

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