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Only one in six 'baby boomers' in good health

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Only one in six 'baby boomers' in good health

Postby AmericanEvil » Fri Sep 21, 2012 9:38 am

THIS is called KARMA.

Remember, it is these same baby boomers who created liberalism, feminism, homosexual rights movement, capitalism, and so many other soul crushing ideologies.

It is THESE BABY BOOMERS who created an unsustainable economic system, which is presently collapsing and causing so much suffering for all.

I AM HAPPY TO HEAR THIS NEWS. 85 percent of baby boomers have bad health, so that means they are hopefully going to drop dead and die off soon.

The sooner the baby boomer generation dies off, the sooner the world can have peace. The baby boomer generation was the most disgusting, filthy, decadent generation to ever exist.

And don't forget that 90 percent of baby boomer men are MANGINAS. Hurry the f**k up and drop dead, is what I say!
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Postby Cornfed » Fri Sep 21, 2012 9:55 am

Yes it is great that the world will not have to suffer this generation of vipers much longer no matter what. If the system collapses they are doomed to succumb to their various maladies in short order, assuming they are not simply killed. If the system limps on they will likely be euthanized on some pretext as the largely non-white and/or foreign younger population of the West is not going to support a bunch of old white feebs. A lot of the baby boomers would have realized their system was unsustainable but hoped to live out long lives at our expense and die of old age, leaving younger people holding the bag when the system collapsed. I'm so glad they will not get their wish.
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Postby AmericanEvil » Fri Sep 21, 2012 11:08 am

Nice post Confed.

Yes, the baby boomers are the ones who hoarded all of the money, they are the 10 percent, so you can be sure that the 90 percent are going to attack them, steal from them, ransack their houses and banks, etc.

Indeed, they are the most selfish pieces of shit to ever exist, they KNOWINGLY enslaved their own children in vast debt, just so that the baby boomers could die peacefully, while the system is close to collapsing.

Real karma is coming soon to these selfish, disgusting f***s. They will be tortured, raped, have anything of value stolen from them, and then killed off. The coming karma is going to be very dark for the baby boomers.
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