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Why Peter believes the Illuminati Cull is a good idea

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Why Peter believes the Illuminati Cull is a good idea

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » September 21st, 2012, 12:12 pm

Some men have commented negatively on my position that I am now in 110% agreement with the Illuminati killing off 90-95% of people in the west. They get all "upset" about that comment....and I notice while doing nothing to stop the planned cull themselves.

Let me give the men here one small example of why I now agree with the Illuminati and agree that 90-95% of the western population should be culled off to make way for a new generation who might do a better job. There is a facebook called Cess Ssec that was running a thread bragging about how many views they have had on their site.

So I went over and noted that it hardly matters because 99.7%+ of men who have been criminally abused by a woman will do nothing about it, and in the general population 99.9%+ of men who are told about the crimes of women and guvment will do nothing about it.

Despite this being a fact this man called it nonsense and asked for some evidence. So I told him I have been talking to thousand upon thousands of men over 4 years and those were the approximate response rates. And he sends back this comment and blocks me.

Now...this guy is supposedly working to "help men". Really? "helping men" includes blocking those who bring you the remedy?

Now. It is 99% likely that this site and this facebook is run by an agent. To block me so quickly so that the sheeple in attendance do not here the truth screams "agent". But that is hardly the point. The point is that all the OTHER MEN watching say and do nothing when comments like this are made.

And it is because the OTHER MEN say and do nothing when such comments are made that I take the position that they are no longer worthy of my time for free. When they see a good man slandered they do nothing. When they are the victim of a crime? I shall do unto others as they have done unto me...that nothing for them unless they pay me.

All completely fair as far as I am concerned.

Cess Ssec mentioned you in a comment.
Cess wrote: "I think you've been smoking too many bananas Mr Peter Nolan your figure are non-nonsensical and your statistics are at a grade 3 level. So please do yourself a favor and find some other place to pee!"
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Post by AmericanEvil » September 21st, 2012, 12:45 pm

He called you a banana smoker and then accused you of having the maturity of a 3rd grader?

People in the West are going insane now. As their illusions come crashing down, along with their satanic society, they will really begin to start losing their minds in huge numbers.

And once the anti-depressant drugs stop flowing, people are going to go mad very quickly. If you are taking anti-depressant drugs (something like 25 percent of American women are taking these, AT LEAST 25 percent), and you suddenly stop, it can cause very bad symptoms, like violence, suicide, and insane behavior.

The West is soon to become a HELL on earth.

That video game Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas is what the post apocalyptic world will look like. So I am playing it and getting ready for the collapse.

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Post by AmericanEvil » September 21st, 2012, 1:05 pm

And oh yea, it's not just western people. Yes, western people are the most corrupt people on earth and are actually EVIL, but people in the east are also very morally corrupt, caused by the mass poverty in the eastern world.

Another bad quality of eastern people is that they can be very crude and low class in their behavior. At least western people externally maintain some culture.

Either way you look at it, 90 percent of people WORLDWIDE, both in the east and west, should be killed off. But I also hope that it starts with the West, since people in the West are deeply evil and are the root cause of most of the problems in the world.

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Post by AmericanEvil » September 21st, 2012, 1:30 pm

Take Nepal for example. They are generally a pretty polite group of people, but the country has anywhere between 6 to 10 hour power cuts daily.

Sorry, but there is simply TOO f***ing MANY PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET.

If 90 percent were killed off, modern society and technology could be sustained. Otherwise, if these animals called humans keep reproducing like cockroaches, they will keep eating and using more resources, and thus everyone will lose out.

Here's a GREAT article:
Eliminate the Useless Eaters ... eaters.htm

ben dover
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Post by ben dover » September 23rd, 2012, 8:36 am

f**k I hope you two are the first to go when that cull comes. :lol:

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Post by Maker55 » September 23rd, 2012, 2:06 pm

The reason why the East is so messed up is because the West corrupted it.

The East had harmony with nature for thousands of years, thriving.

Then the West came in with their idea of individuality and the every man for yourself philosophy and messed up this planet.

Regardless, yes I agree both the East and the West are corrupt now.
You're where you're at in life because of your thoughts.

What you think about the most is what you will eventually manifest in your life.

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