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Iphone 5 release event and the invisible Man

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Iphone 5 release event and the invisible Man

Post by designer » September 23rd, 2012, 2:12 am


Ah, I obtained my iphone 5. Stood in line for a few minutes at my local ATT store last Friday Morning. I arrived around 6am and at once I noticed that there were a few women in line. I reside in a very low town and the women are not what you would call good. However there were a few college girls in line. As always they were cold and not sociable. They talked among each other in line and to a maybe two men. Guys with the real sloppy look, you know the type. One of the girls was quite underweight and looked drugged. Typical university student. The others were of the ethnic mix type university students. The ATT shop workers were mostly female. Mostly black with a few whites. The white women were dressed well but also had that typical tight blouse square framed glasses look. The black ones had the typical BET corporate black woman look. Very plain, very dark clothing, few colours and ashy skin. Very bad looking! Anyhow they were all Gross. There was a latina news woman dressed in very poorly fitting clothing with a top way too small for her bust size. her wedge heels were also too large and kept slapping when she walked around. Very weird! Anyhow the morning light came out and I began to take notice of something that helps to validate what I already know American women.

We all stood in the ATT car park. Many cars entered and left frequently. Yet any auto like BMW, Audi or Escalade the women would all turn and look. Even the older women would look. They would watch the car drive in and park. Despite the autos driving i nthe opposite direction. The women would follow the cars. One Audi a6 arrived and the university girls went nuts. All over the guy i nthe car. Mind you the guy didnt get out of the car. When the Audi driver got out what I witnessed was a man of perhaps 5. 3" feet tall, unshaven wearing grease stained shorts a tank top (with holes) and flip flops with white socks. He was not attractive at all but the women seemed to be into him all because of the car. The same case with the typical Ghetto thug nothing who arrived in a Escalade. This same pattern followed with any male arriving in a low-end luxury car (piece of shite mercedes c class, e class, BMW i series crap (anything not a "M" series ) - .. the cheap stuff.) Anyone who has lived in the eu knows that those cars are shite and are easily obtained.Hell they use them as taxi cabs in Germany! Though I admit that they are grossly overpriced in some parts of the usa. The only men the women ignored were the asian men in the nice sportcars and any other man in anything not perceived as luxury.

For me it is a Sad commentary on american women. But it is true in the usa that women judge men by what they drive. Even the most worthless maggot will be loved so long as he drives a big car. That's pretty much it.

I received my phone. As usual I was treated poorly by the Female sales clerk. She asked me about my job. I work in IT, though for most women this does not add up. So the response I received was contempt and hostility for the sales girl. I often get that when I am asked about my work. Perhaps I should tell them that I clean feces out of trash can and stomp kittens for a living. But I guess as long as I drive a BMW 370i I am accepted.

I hate BMW and I would never drive one of those things. I'd rather ride a tricycle. Though at least I would be genuine, unlike the losers most american women fall for.

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Post by zacb » September 23rd, 2012, 2:41 am

Let me just say first that I am not against owning premium items, but the problem is when the brand becomes a status symbol. This is the problem I have with Apple products, is that they seem kind of metrosexual/faggoted (not the tech itself, but what it stands for), in the sense of hipster type . I tried saying this on another forum, and they would not have any bit of it. But anyways, on with the show. And I just hate how everyone has cell phones, and if you don't have one, you are a freak. And just the overall love affair with brands, I hate it! And don't get me started on clothing. This kind of goes back to the car bit. Because of the name, that is the only reason why people buy that crap. I agree with you. I am not a car person, but I don't see what is so great about those brands. Personally, I like the Cadillac Cts more than those. But I am kind of ranting now.
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