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Thommo the Legend

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Thommo the Legend

Post by publicduende » September 28th, 2012, 9:40 am

Hi guys,

About a year ago I came across this site. The owner, an American old chap called Tom (or Thommo) sounds like a rare specimen of professional whoremonger who seems to have, over the years, drawn a map of the p4p scene in Thailand and the Philippines (and to a lesser extent Brazil and Burma) that I found quite entertaining.

Anybody has seen it? Any opinions?

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Post by Teamsatan » September 30th, 2012, 12:47 pm

One thing you learn about whore mongers when you become one is that the monger can be a much bigger liar and problem than the women they chase.

Go to Thailand or phils and chat to these guys. The majority are real nutters.

Before anyone takes me to task...well i am one of those nutters.
Yes i try to tone down the BS and have no plans to retire in pattaya.
The ones who are bona fide insane are the expats who throw away everything
from their home countries and live as foreigners in countries that never really want them.
The longer they stay...the worse the case of jungle fever. Really it is quite amazing just how out of touch they become to normal society.
Their lives become worse because all they care for is money p***y and booze.
They are senior citizen runaways.

That said i do enjoy short trips to the places they hang out and they can actually be fascinating at times.Just never believe anything they say , laugh at the pathetic shells of men they have become. Remember you are nothing to them except the chance for easy money....

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Post by FREEDOM1 » October 2nd, 2012, 6:12 am


ive seen this site

ithink p4p can be good fun, but thats it - only short term

ive hear many thai men are married , but many have a piece of ass on the side

but thais are very discreet about it and dont parade with their pros down the street

like some low life no class foreigners do

but i think this is also something done in many cultures throughout history, not picking on thais

they have a family and do all the family stuff , but have a piece of ass on the side for fun and

abit of excitemnt, even if you love a woman and want to be with her, i think many men still

crave that occassional fun liason, its abit of a balance so to speak, a release, an escape from monotmy

but in the long term, i think most men crave a genuine relationship

with a good, decent, down to earth woman

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