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'You can't get laid in the US' - Rooshv

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Post by droid » January 3rd, 2014, 6:50 am

theprimebait wrote: for most of you,you go overseas and have a advantage over men because of race,status and more money than the locals.
theprimebait wrote: most women here are buttugly
However, you forget to make the connection that there are more and better looking women overseas, which is the main advantage, at least for me.
You admit your location sucks because of ugly women, yet make up the usual shaming tactics with those points alone above. Why is it that when things are biased in favor of women you don't bring those same points?

Those usual shaming tactics seem to be based on some huge non-sequitur, something to the effect of "if the women were spolied in X-place, they wouldn't give you the time of day", but of course! if women were spoiled in X-place, the women would be spoiled in X-place!
If the chicks dig me, that's all that matters, the rest are hypotheticals.

Also, you wrongly assume all of us are relocating for LTR and that those women are only good for that. Things are not black and white though.
theprimebait wrote: you're basically dating Hypergamous women
Unlike some tight-ass guys here, I don't mind providing, as long as I get equal value in attention and sex.
Heck, one would think you more than anyone -since you're into the "primal" shit- would be eager to play that scheme.
But instead you embrace the modernist-cosmopolitan bullshit of women wanting men for beauty/looks alone, the really skewed version of hypergamy. Again, things are not black and white like you and houseMD see them.
theprimebait wrote: getting women here is a peice of cake if you're young ,goodlooking and socially normal.
Duh! see the first item above.
And, how can you afford p4p, yet not have 50 bucks for a motel to take a slut to? it doesn't make sense. At least make the slut pay for the motel if she's really independent and into looks alone.

It seems everyone has a bias based on their strengths. If someone is broke but with some looks then "all women are into hunks", if someone is into business then "women are hypergamous", etc...
1)Too much of one thing defeats the purpose.
2)Everybody is full of it. What's your hypocrisy?

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