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To ASIO Agents: Peter Nolan has left, now leave us alone!

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Re: To ASIO Agents: Peter Nolan has left, now leave us alone

Post by OutWest » October 1st, 2012, 3:04 am

Cornfed wrote:
OutWest wrote:I very much doubt that any intelligence service gives a rat's ass about PAN or this forum. It is very common for delusional individuals to go on and on about various spy services following them. It is also a form of self-flattery, as in "Look at me look at me! I'm so important that major intelligence services around the world dedicate staff to being my enemy!"
It is in fact perfectly common for Western ZOGs to employ people to harass political dissenters. Why should they not? Anyone else would in their shoes. A relative of mine was the target of a similar campaign - ASIO would phone employers and potential employers to slag him off, steal his mail, get other government agencies to harass him etc. The way Western society works it is really not that hard to ruin most people's lives that way. PAN is an example of someone with relative immunity to their activities. Personally I think ASIO have made a big mistake by extending their hate campaigns online in such a visible way. At some point I imagine their thousands of victims, who have hitherto thought they were alone, will get together to hunt down and really deal to these c**ts. Time will tell. Probably the forums remaining ASIO profiles will post a few innocuous threads to make it seem like they were legit before moving on to stalk other victims.

Dissenter? LOL I have worked with a number of genuine dissenters around the world- why soil their reputations by labeling a deranged crackpot with serious mental health issues a "dissenter"...

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Post by Winston » July 17th, 2013, 7:19 pm

Check out the last few nasty email messages I received from ASIO, from Illuminati Ingrid. (Why would ASIO agents call themselves "Illuminati"? lol)
Form details below.
Full Name: Illuminita Ingrid
Message: You f***ing fat slant eyed kiddy fiddling c**t! We have decided to unleash our friend from Egypt on your site to weave some of the DOS magic and send Nolan\'s ramblings in to cyber oblivion. As for you, we see a ride in a car boot in your very near future, you chink homosexual!
Form details below.
Full Name: Illuminati Ingrid
Message: You fat clueless Gook c**t! Publishing my private messages to you has tipped me over the edge? We are going to snatch you and Peter Paedo Nolan for a little plane ride to Gitmo, where we will auction off your fat arses to Afghan warlords as dancing boys, you fag c**ts! I had warned you about Nolan, but now your next Internet exposure will be a YouTube vid of you being anally raped by a mountain goat, you shanty eyed sex tourist! You\'re going to have trouble taking a dump after you have been rectally ravages by 300 hill tribesman., you Asiaric donut puncher!
What is their problem? Why would ASIO hire such foul mouthed people? That's crazy.
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Post by Cornfed » July 17th, 2013, 10:59 pm

Winston wrote: What is their problem? Why would ASIO hire such foul mouthed people? That's crazy.
The explanation is simple: people who work for evil Western regimes are just plain scum now. It is good that we have the Internet to expose them for the scum that they are.

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Post by SilverEnergy » July 18th, 2013, 2:39 am

Wtf is going on?

Wow, I thought I had seen it all on this website.

Winston, you better be careful dude.

What the heck is Peter Nolan doing making enemies from intelligence agencies.
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