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Tom Leykis-- Leykis 101

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Postby terminator » October 22nd, 2012, 1:31 am

Maker55 wrote:
royaldude wrote:tom leykis has a two hour segment about money every monday. call in if you got a question. hes fat and i dont agree 100% with his politics but he also spits good game. last 2 hrs on thursday are just for 101 again call in if you got a question. he is one of the best male news/voices out there.

djformoney is one of those guys who watched too many disney films growing up and really believes the marriage happiness myth. just marry the right woman he says. sure hes right until she changes. which most do. but i suspect if djformoney had real assests he would change his thinking. why risk losing half when you dont have to? for love? just stay in a relationship no need to involve the government.

marriage= bussiness contract

I totally agree.

Tom Leykis is DA MAN! He rules.

As a black man, Tom Leykis is the white father I never had.

Palimony, community property and alimony need to be done away with.

Tom rules and he's a man's best friend. Men should listen to him over Oprah, Dr Phil... etc.
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Postby royaldude » October 22nd, 2012, 1:34 am

miserable existence? i had a rough childhood but its not like i had control of that. all my argument was is that these two parent marriages are not necessarily better than seperated parents. assuming the father is in the picture and not absent i dont see any problems with seperated parents. btw both my parents are college educated in 200k income bracket together so by outward appearances not dysfunctional. i dont whine or complain. i used my past to explain my point. i am probably one of the more well rounded 28 year olds out there. i speak 2 languages and have lived in 4 countries besides the US. all i am saying is marraige doesnt equal happiness in family or in romance, some find it but many more dont. since this forum is for guys the fact is most guys are best served to not get married and risk losing wealth and possibly paying alimony child support for kids they rarely get to see. if you insist on having kids seek out a surogate or do it with a girl in the 3rd world where child support laws arent as anti father as the US.
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