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MGTOW and PUA Hate

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Re: MGTOW and PUA Hate

Postby terminator » Sat Dec 15, 2012 3:06 am

Banano wrote:Whats up with these 2 militant movements,

All of them seem to be angry men fighting each other(especialy but they dont offer solution to the problem in a way
dating overseas or PUA does

WHat is their goal, they hate feminism, women, jews,media,believe in conspiracy theories, but no salvation?
Are they social outcasts who tried everything including pua but didnt work, tried foreign and steve hoca who joined them, he failed on all fronts the way I see it

Is there future for these movements, are they all gonna keep jacking off on p**n , play video games and turn gay eventually

Women must be laughing at them Please comment

There is no solution short of another flood like in Noah's day. AW would rather die than be a good wife, US guys just want to f&ck-over and rip-off other guys, children are monsters, so there is no solution for most guys. They can't afford to go live in another country so they are doomed.
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Postby fightforlove » Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:08 pm

I've heard a rumor that many of the posters on PUA Hate are actually lesbians and feminists pretending to be men. A lot of lesbians/feminists have a strong hatred for PUAs as well. Nice try ladies.
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Postby ntm1972 » Thu Oct 17, 2013 5:26 pm

Teal Lantern wrote:
Ghost wrote:MGTOW is a good idea for men who wish to stay in the West. Or at least it is superior than participating in the system.

PUA is good for gaming corrupt females in the West. In my experience though it only really works for attractive men.

These things are really only tactics for defeated, hopeless men. Those who preach game, representing it as how things are supposed to be, are anti-men and pro-feminism.

Neither are solutions; they are coping tactics at best.

The best way to cope with a tornado is to get out of its way. PUAs are storm chasers.
PUAs are one false-rape accusation from becoming MGTOWers.... if they survive. ... woman.html ... html?mob=1

On the basis of personal experience, I agree with the above posters. While in the West (as I am now), I am, for the most part, MGTOW-ish; while I was abroad (and I intend to be so again at some point), I had girlfriends. Even though I take protective measures while in the West, I have found that I cannot cope with going full-bore MGTOW: It's psychologically destructive, and I found myself wallowing in my own little version of nihilism.

We're social creatures, damn it! To insist on being antisocial is a form of slow suicide. Accordingly, I'm joining an intentional community whose goals and beliefs are similar to mine. My path is not for everyone, of course, but that's OK. We're here to support each other, after all - and frankly, if you read some of the threads on an MGTOW board, moral support is the LAST thing on the minds of some posters.
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Postby Billy » Tue Feb 11, 2014 7:35 pm

So MGTOW forum is down. Nacho Vidal the admin quit. Probably to much kicks from freminists and puahate and no fighting spirit from paralysed mgtowers. ... shut_down/

Maybe some will come to HA. Angeles City would heal their wounds.
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