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Confidence Booster

Post by abcdavid01 » January 9th, 2013, 7:13 am

Sometimes I like to write things down to kind of prove they happened. That's what this is. I'm outside sunny San Diego on a time share with my dad. A real great diversion from cold New Jersey. It's like triple the temperature here. My folks are having trouble at home, so my dad even said we ought to just not leave and he can forget about his clients and a wife threatening to divorce him. Dude wants to quit and be an artist. We went to a barbecue organized by the resort and he was telling me he tries to keep a mindset no older than 27 (when all the rock stars die). So at this barbecue there was a band playing old hits like Paper Moon and a bunch of older couples dancing. My dad points to one and says "there's something your mom and I will never have," meaning the two people had grown to look just like each other. I laughed a little and said, "Well what do you expect?" He's blonde and my mom's Asian. Side note, I've seen more Asians here in San Diego than I probably have in my whole life outside my family. Back to the story, the little festival had a table with two girls around my age selling s'mores. One of them was kind of cute and she was telling me about some contest the resort was running that I could help her out with. She gave me this pamphlet for the contest and says she wrote her name on it. I got a flash through my mind to say "Did you write your number on it too?" which I would have done if I didn't live on the other coast. That's the confidence booster in the title. Nice to be flirted with, feel like an attractive guy. I'm also beginning to think, it might be nice to be an old guy. I mean, besides all the medical issues. Most of the people staying at our time share are retirees. Was nice seeing old folks probably married a full 50 years. Who does that anymore? Even my folks are acting nuts. Saw an old Rogers and Hammerstein musical at the resort here, South Pacific. Best part of the trip so far. We're at Lawrence Welks Resort. My tastes run saccharine. I'm not into partying, or getting wasted every weekend. The T.V. news this week says young women are at higher risk now for binge drinking. Reminds me of my sister.

All in all it's been a good 21st birthday week with my old man. Not looking forward to going home to New Jersey and my mother. Story I heard, when Ian Smith's dad went from Britain to Rhodesia, he made a pact with his brother, Ian's uncle, where the brother would move to San Diego and they'd decide which place was the best to live. They couldn't decide. San Diego at the time was as good a place to live as Rhodesia. It's still pretty great. Maybe it's not necessary to change who you are, but where you are. That's the point of this site, right? Even different parts of the same country. Well maybe that's not entirely true. What I'm trying to say is that a change of location can change who you are as well.

Comment as you like, but no cynicism. I know there's no security in American dating scene, but that girl who was flirting with me....I'll never see her again. In my mind I'd like her to be an exception, an innocent one. This is just a little sketch of my life that I needed to get out.
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Post by Renata » January 9th, 2013, 5:35 pm

you're right, a change of location can change who you are ... how you think, your health, wealth. status etc. we just have to find the best place to fit us.

Happy belated Birthday btw 8) x
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Post by zboy1 » January 9th, 2013, 7:15 pm

Happy birthday abcdavid01! And good write-up too; you should've gone after her when you had the chance, bro.

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Post by Jacaré » January 12th, 2013, 7:10 am

Happy belated b-day man! Keep the morale up and yeah, a change of scenery definitely DOES improve your mood and everything that goes with it. I'm going to do just that too as I'm going nuts in here.

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