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American women going happier abroad, too?

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Post by Andrewww » February 8th, 2013, 1:33 am

But why should they change it anyway ? I think the pay-off is much higher when you manage to succeed where others have failed (or are too ignorant to know otherwise).

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Post by Robert77 » February 9th, 2013, 11:12 am

RobinHood wrote:
Robert77 wrote:in europe most men dont really fancy AW, in Asia guys often go for their women..... in latin america AW may prove a novelty but at the end of the day those guys go for their women too....

AW are a hit I think with black american males and mangina anglos.... other than that.... doubt it
I disagree, most European men will fancy AW (the type that they have seen on TV / movies) and this is exactly the problem in the west. Western women are put on pedestals because men believe they want this type of women. This has inflated the egos of all women from the attractive to the ugly. The Internet has made it worse as women are hit upon all the time and are always looking for an upgrade.

Only recently have some men stated to change their opinions of Western women and unfortunately this is still a very small minority.

As more men have foreign women as partners attitudes will change, but it will takes decades for mainstream attitudes to change (if they change at all)
I differ, you brits are obsessed with America as ridiculous as it seems, as Ive met many brits who will date Americans because they're Americans, only to have bitter experiences in the end.

I live now in Europe (continental europe) and I have yet to meet a Swiss, German, Italian or Spaniard who craves for American women..... in fact I recall watching TV in Spain and hearing a comedian talk about how fat Americanas are...

I now live in the french speaking part of switzerland and I've never met a single swiss guy who fancies American women.... Ive seen American women here and they're all high maintenance, sex and the city wannabe, single professional women in their 30's, living as expats in europe and mostly struggling because they're alone and annoyed by the fact European men won;t meet the expectations they had before coming into contact with them.

American women come to europe thinking they're gonna find a prince like guy, who looks like james bond, with a sophisticated accent, living in a castle, who's gonna put up with their demands, because they're American princesses!!!! (the only guys that usually fall for them is british manginas that go for AW thinking they have a lot in common because those girls are silly good old yank girls, and a few naive continental europeans who dont know much about American women)

Ive also met plenty of AW bitching about european men being too soft, being manginas that u can drag all over the floor, overly passive men, sort of obsessed with the way they dress.....

AW are at odds with the men from eastern europe for example, eastern europe is still behind Western europe when it comes to men/women relations (is more like latin america and the US)..... eastern european men still expect their women to be women like, and to be led because they're ladies.... so an AW bitch from hell with an eastern european is not going to work much because not only eastern europe is full hotter women than AW, but also because he'll be quick in telling her to go F*** herself..... have in mind the allure of an American visa no longer has any magic in Eastern europe.... so the ticket to a green card is also more of a myth...
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