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Doug Casey Speech

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Doug Casey Speech

Postby PeterAndrewNolan » Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:56 pm

Hi Winston/All,
if you guys listen to this speech from about minute 38 you will hear his recommendations.

1. get yourself some goods and services to sell.
2. Sell your goods and services and make as much money as fast as you can.
3. Get your money out of the country.
4. Get prepared to get yourself out of the country.

What am I promoting and enabling with MBA?

1. A means to sell goods and services worldwide. You just have to find your own goods and services.
2. Tools and advice on how to sell those goods and services.
3. A bank to exchange value for sale of goods and services.
4. A way to get your money out of the country.
5. A way to get yourself out of your country.

Funny how what I created even before this man made this speech is exactly what he is recommending. Duh?!

As he says...if you are one of the boobus americanus that does not do these things? You have only yourself to blame.

I can not create your products and services for you unless men want to sell my software to others in their local area. If men want to sell/promote my software then I have created the product/service for you to sell. But if you do not want to sell my software then you have to find your own product or service to sell...the rest the MBA will provide...and as the MBA grows it will also provide some admin jobs to run everything else.

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