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What happened to some of the old posters on HA?

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What happened to some of the old posters on HA?

Postby zboy1 » Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:34 am

I kinda miss some of the old posters that use frequent the forum in the past. What happened to them? Just curious. Many of them have probably moved on to other sites or they simply don't post as often as they used to. Also, Winston drove some of them away with his antics, lol. Some were even banned from the forum. Can we try to get some of them back to post on here again? It would be nice. I really miss the following people: Repatriate, NorthAmericanGuy, Have2Fly, Jackal, Globetrotter (aka ph visitor), Grunt, ErikHeaven, Polya, KristineTheStrawberryGirl, Phx Sosa, Master, Mr. Peabody, Bella Ruth, Sexter, Well-informed, and DiscoProJoe. I've probably forgotten a couple more people I didn't name...

I think one the main problem is that Winston refuses to heavily moderate his forum resulting in a lot of infighting, arguing, and spam posts appearing on the forum. Also, I think Winston is too quick to get angry with--and fight with people he disagrees with; that has resulted in some of the members from not coming back to the forum.
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Postby gsjackson » Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:50 am

Agree on the above. I'd like to see Think Different, Davewe and The Arab (ballbuster though he is) return, and FreeYourMind to check in more often. Several others who drop in briefly and move on. The thesis here has wide appeal and draws a pretty bright group of visitors, but often you have to go through a lot of crap on the forum to get to the insights.
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Postby Winston » Mon Feb 04, 2013 7:01 am

You are making inaccurate statements here. I have only gotten into a fight with a few members, such as Repatriate, Globetrotter, and Davewe. Most of the people on your list left for other reasons, or just lack of interests or got too busy.

I am not at fault for that. I protect freedom of speech. If someone can't handle that, that's their problem. People like Repatriate behaved badly and made false statements and acted nasty too. A lot of these guys are losers with no tact or social skills and are even bullies who try to bring others down. Repatriate was proven wrong about a number of things. He made false statements. And when proven wrong, he NEVER retracted any of them. He has personality flaws in that area. Why is that my fault?

How would you like to be bullied on your own forum Zboy? Would you take it like a timid pushover? NONE of you would take it, and you know it.

I have a right to stand up for what I believe in, and so do you. It is not wrong to stand up for truth against people who lie and bully others. You act like I got into a fight for wrong reasons. But you have no basis to insinuate that. I have never treated anyone unfairly here. If I have, please point out an example.

I am a credible person who fights for truth. I am not right about everything, but no one is. Some of those people I fought with were wrong and unfair to me. Why should I take that and be silent about it? I gave them what they DESERVED. If they can't handle that, that's their problem.

Besides, I hate judgmental people anyway. Judgmental people suck. It's stupid that most people are either zombies or judgmental pricks who judge without basis.

That's why people like me and Walt Goodridge are rare. I told him that. Most people who are fun to be with or creative, are lazy and never execute their ideas into reality or get things done. But most people who get things done tend to be pricks, narrow minded and anal retentive, and no fun to be around.

It's hard to find a middle ground. Me and Walt are rare in that we happen to be in the middle ground. We are nonjudgmental, fun and easy going to be with, and get things done in that we are productive in our fields. That's why I like Walt and find him to be a kindred spirit.

The bottom line is that I have never treated anyone unfairly. Can you cite any instance where I have? I am usually very nonjudgmental, broad minded, and understanding. But I don't take shit from bad people or nasty people.

I've already been a cut above the rest when it comes to protecting free speech and not employing censorship. Most moderators would have banned a lot more people than I have, including you Zboy.

People appreciate that I'm not a control freak like most moderators. They know that I am less judgmental than most people, but when I do judge, it's with good reason. I don't even ban people unless they leave me no choice. Most people will ban anyone they don't like. I'm not that subjective.

You should appreciate that and not place unfair and unwarranted blame.
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Postby Jackal » Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:39 am

I check in here periodically. I don't have anything against Winston.

This site just isn't so interesting for someone who is already overseas. The same topics and questions come up over and over again (I think Winston has created an FAQ, hasn't he?). Also, I don't share the right-wing political views that a lot of guys here have, so I can't relate to them. Also, I am busy meeting new people in Hungary, working, and having fun, so why would I bother reading yet another post about why America sucks or about how America was so much better in "the good old days"? Such things are now irrelevant to me.

Still, I encourage the men to go overseas who have the courage and capability to do so. The world is much bigger than just the USA...
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Re: What happened to some of the old posters on HA?

Postby PeterAndrewNolan » Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:08 am

these are Winstons forums and he can run them how he likes. If people want to be here then they will be here. If they want to leave they will leave.

There are a gazillion places for men to post and talk on the web. Very few of them are actually presenting any sort of reasoned discussion or information. At least Winston is doing his best to do that.

If you think you have something better to say then say it. If you think other people might be interested in his forums then invite other people to join in. I keep an eye on what is said here just because some of it is interesting. Quite often Winston posts a video link that I have not found for myself that is interesting and worth watching.

Rather than attempt to criticise him how about you actually HELP him, eh?

Look what I did for welmer over on the spearhead. My intro post had more than 3,000 hits and no one else had more than 1,000. I was putting links to the spearhead all over the place and thousands of people followed the links I put out and came to the spearhead. When I asked those men to put my links in other places did they? Nope.

Most men today are very selfish people who are only interested in what someone else might do for them.....or interested in passing their comments and judgements on other people. Almost NO MEN will ask "what can I do to help"

John Rambo helped me a GREAT deal and we are not good friends because he was willing to help me. What a shame that NO other young lads put their hands up and offered their assistance. Shows you how lacking in the milk of human kindness men now are.

I think men DESERVE what is happening to them today because they are not willing to help other men when they ask for some help.
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Re: What happened to some of the old posters on HA?

Postby jamesbond » Mon Feb 04, 2013 11:54 am

zboy1 wrote:I really miss the following people: NorthAmericanGuy, Have2Fly, Jackal, ErikHeaven, Polya, Phx Sosa, Mr. Peabody, Well-informed. I've probably forgotten a couple more people I didn't name.

Zboy1, the people mentioned above still DO POST on the forum although not that much. I miss Jtest, gmm567 and I wish Adama would post more often. There are a few others I miss but I can't recall their screen names right now.

I am glad we have the posters we do. Even if some of the old ones don't post again, the posters we have now are very insightful.
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Postby skateboardstephen » Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:35 pm

I was wonder the same thing.Where are these people?I myself have been thinking about just saying f**k it why bother.I have a lot of useful info(especially on important shit like how to get you papers and shit in order if you are trying to stay in Brazil) but some (only of small handful of poster) try to knock me while not posting anything to help anyone.Just angry post about who they hate and blah blah or making attacks and racial slurs.I makes you wanna just say f**k it.So i really dont blame some people for their absence.
se eu soubesse o que eu sei hoje, teria mando mulheres americanas para foder-se há muitos anos.que deus abençoe o brasil!
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Postby Ghost » Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:33 pm

Most places out there over-moderate and quash free speech. This is one of the most valuable forums out there for speaking freely. It is a vital part of the man-o-sphere if you will. People should be free to argue and resolve their differences. Trying to coerce or moderate conflict away is a very worldly error and it never truly works.

I see some things here that I detest, but I would never want free speech banned. Anti-freedom environments are a feminist haven. I was on such a forum before when I first started waking up. After a while, I gradually realized that it was an online North Korea for men. Fortunately, I found this place a while later and never looked back.

And I haven't quite been around here for two years, so I don't know all the old posters, but I always like to read the wisdom of those who have been awakened and "initiated" longer than I. :)
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Postby davewe » Mon Feb 18, 2013 2:44 am

Winston wrote:Zboy,
You are making inaccurate statements here. I have only gotten into a fight with a few members, such as Repatriate, Globetrotter, and Davewe.

I don't recall having any public fight with Winston. Yes, over the course of a year or so I did email him privately a few times over issues of moderation or lack thereof and offered my opinion. He disagreed, as is his right as the owner. I never felt he was particularly open to my opinions, but then he doesn't have to be.

Like most people, I am on a few forums but I do look at HA once in a while so see what is happening. I got a lot out of HA. There's no sense in my saying that I wish it were run a different way. I don't own it and I am not a mod. So it is what it is.
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Postby clowny » Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:16 am

The problem with winston is when he continually posts pictures of foreign women and says stuff like "oh my god, look at her smile, you'll never see western women with that innocent look". I mean, these are pictures of women he's never met before who could be worthless cum dumpsters for all he knows, and he acts like they are heavenly blessed beauties just because they are smiling in a photo. It's cringeworthy stuff.
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Postby Banano » Mon Feb 18, 2013 7:48 am

Forum has become boring with too many repetative topics, site needs to reinvent itself, new contents like blog maybe, new videos, interviews, trip reports and so on
most forum users are basement wankers who never travel anywhere and they are only here to bash AW and blme it all on them
The only problem I have with Winston is the fact he stopped travelling and slipped into deppression and constantly writes about TW, since he has portable income, no comitments such as family, mortgage, loans..this guy could easily be travelling from country to country and write about his adventures, good and bad experiences, it would be million times more exciting and it would draw traffic like crazy..instead he is beating a dead horse by posting about TW, conspiracy theories and AW...

I was also wondering about these old posters and I realised they just moved on and im not surprissed
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Postby Contrarian Expatriate » Mon Feb 18, 2013 8:02 am

There is nothing wrong with the natural cycle of people coming and going. The site stays fresh when people have their needs met, then depart only to be replaced by new blood.

I, for one, stick around just to impart some of the things I've gleaned over the years more than learning. Every now and again there is a nugget of wisdom or information I add to the mental toolkit however.

One thing I do not like however, is the recent conspiracy-theory, alarmist, USA will collapse in 2012 malarkey. It got to the point where a few nutjobs that will go unnamed began to hail fellow nutjob Christopher Dorner as a folk hero.

That is where I draw the line in the sand. The point at which this forum becomes mostly nutjob, is the point I'll delete my account. I still think we are a few years away from that.
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Postby Banano » Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:32 pm

This bs that dollar will collapse, USA will collapse needs to stop

Seriously how many times we heard it and when it doesnt happen idiots come up with new dates, cycle keeps repeating
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Postby Billy » Mon Feb 18, 2013 1:40 pm

i miss conrad.

i think actually it´s good that winston does not travel because it does not make sense at all. he is smart enough to see that. look for example at odbo and phx sosa both don´t travel as they know they are not fit enough at least at the moment.

truth is people like to be hyped in a moment but mostly it´s just nonsense. as winstons fails to be a role model he delivers a more healthy picture of the things.

his postings which makes people cringe is a good thing too somekind of a red hering as people who would like to oppose free speech get shocked by the nonsense and move on. it´s like in man in black where the true stuff is hided in stupid comics.

banano what´s your plan, man? balkan power.
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Postby Banano » Mon Feb 18, 2013 3:31 pm

Banano is not very well, banana poisoning:(
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