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Our baby gift registry and wish list

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Our baby gift registry and wish list

Post by Winston » January 16th, 2008, 3:01 am

Our baby gift registry and wish list

Dear all,
I usually feel kind of ashamed to do these things, but I was told that it is the custom in the US to have a baby shower and baby gift registry when you have a new baby. Since you are all far away, we obviously can’t get together for a baby shower. But since we can make an online baby gift life, I figure I’ll make one then 

The thing is, I don’t know of any retail store or online store in the Philippines where I can create a baby wish list and have people buy us gifts with a credit card through their website, like in the states. So one of my friends suggested I just have people send us the cash for gifts through PayPal. That looks like the easiest and most realistic option at this point, so here is the list of gifts and items that we need for the baby, their descriptions, and the prices for them in pesos and dollars.

To send the baby a gift, simply select the item you’d like to get from the list below, and send the cash for it through PayPal (to, making a note in the PayPal transaction of what gift you are getting, or by letting me know what item you want to get and I’ll log it into our shopping list. Or if you’d like to send something not listed, let me know and I’ll check to see if it’s available here.

(Note: The dollar/peso rate is currently 40 pesos per dollar, reflected in the dollar prices below)

Items that we need:

Baby Diapers: (EQ brand, pack of 40, small size) 250 pesos ($6.50)

(Note: EQ might be a Filipino brand, but it’s considered a good quality brand, not as good as Pampers or Huggies of course.)

Infant formula milk: (Mylac Excel brand, 1 kg jar) 750 pesos ($18.75)
(Mylac Excel brand, 500g jar) 375 pesos ($9.40)

(Note: Dianne is trying to breastfeed of course, which is nutritionally best for the baby. But she says that she can’t always do it and there isn’t always enough breastmilk available for the baby. So sometimes, we have to bottlefeed. Mylac Excel is a Filipino brand but manufactured with a US corporation. Doctors tend to prescribe it for newborns, and our doctor did as well. On the supermarket shelf, it is one of the highest priced, and I was told that the baby’s first few months of growth are the most crucial so we have to use the best brands during this stage. Later of course, we can switch to cheaper more economical brands, with the consent of the doctor of course.)

Baby clothes: Arbitrary price

(Note: At this point, we have plenty of clothes in the size for newborns. But we could use clothes for when the baby gets bigger. The clothes for the top and bottom half of the baby vary in cost, between 40 pesos and 100 pesos on the average. So you can send an arbitrary amount that you like, and Dianne will decide which ones to buy. Like me, she doesn’t pick the cheapest or the most expensive, but selects brands in a mid-price range.)

Baby toys: Arbitrary price

(Note: The newborn is too young to play with toys yet, and is just sleeping or crying most of the time. But you can leave some cash for toys in the future, or specify what type of toys you want to deposit for.)

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Post by CareyElijah » May 24th, 2012, 8:25 am

Another unique new baby gift idea is long-term baby clothing. Baby clothing is a common baby gift; your baby clothes will be amongst many other similar clothes. However, planning for the long-term will ensure that your gift is used from time and time again.

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Post by djfourmoney » May 25th, 2012, 5:46 am

Congrats on the next child Winston. I wish I was that lucky... when I have some cash to spare I'll buy some stuff.

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