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Does a man's sex drive really decline after 30ish?

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Post by Robert77 » February 10th, 2013, 11:13 am

dont buy into that bullshit

men spread the seed, women grow it

men are genetically designed in a way that they'll always have a high sex drive, when a man lacks sex drive is because he's depressed, seriously ill or he is watching too much porn (the brain cant recognize between po-r-n and real sex) so now in the computer era many men are suffering from low sex drives thanks to po-rn online.

google yourbrainonporn.... you'll understand what happens to men when we watch too much p-o-rn....

why is the word PO R N banned?
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Re: Does a man's sex drive really decline after 30ish?

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » February 10th, 2013, 1:12 pm

fightforlove wrote:I've heard that males are at their biological/sexual peak at 18 and we remain quite horny until 25-30, then we start to noticeably slow down or lose desire. How accurate is this?

I only ask because I'm 31 now and I'd say the past 1.5 years of my life have been my most sexually hungry, and that's saying something. I recently ended a relationship and lately I've been masturbating like every single day, no joke. Are some of us on a different biological trajectory??
I can only talk for myself and the answer for me is desire went down....but my "performance" much improved when I met my fav#1 because she was a much more willing partner who actually takes pride in making a man feel good. I choose not to talk much about that out in the open just for personal reasons.

It is a bit like when you are young any food tastes good and satisfies your hunger. If you eat lobster and Tbone steak for a few years? You don't like to go back to will go without...for me it is more like that. I am much happier to just go without until there is a "worthwhile meal" on the table.....and I am 49.

Also, I was pretty sick from about 28 to 32 from overwork. So stress and overwork have a very high correlation to sex drive which makes enough sense to me.
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Post by mand38 » June 14th, 2013, 7:19 pm

You must be kidding, men sex drive STARTs in 30 !

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Post by germanguy » June 14th, 2013, 11:03 pm

Outwest, even if half of what you said is true, just stop with that nonsense..You are in your 50s now, you don´t need to prove to everyone what a mean street fighter you are and that you are in better shape then people in their 20s.

Embarrassing when people can´t deal with getting older...

Why is it that some older people feel the need to prove themselves like that? Can´t they just accept a natural transition from being young to getting old? That would be much more respectable and honorable than this fake "I am so young and fit and in much better shape then any other people of my age" delusion. Just makes you seem desperate...

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