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If not abroad, then where in America?..

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Re: Re:

Post by MattHanson1990 » October 22nd, 2014, 2:56 am

hammanta wrote:
MattHanson1990 wrote:
fightforlove wrote:In mid-size cities such as Milwaukee or Albuquerque, pickins get slim after the age of 22-25 and if you’re in a small town, you’ll be limited to divorced single moms and fat hoes.
New Mexico I think is one of the worst places in the US to find quality women, probably worse than California. Here you'll find scores of single moms, particularly in the northern part of the state; in fact, New Mexico has the HIGHEST percentage of single moms than anywhere else in the country.

I think your best bet to finding quality women in the southwest (or pretty much anywhere in America) is probably El Paso, Texas since it's the least American city in the US, both from my experience and according to fschmidt. I befriended a lot of girls down there recently, and boy have the tables turned for me; I'll explain more on fschmidt's post about El Paso as a reply.
Nice. I'm definitely considering moving to a border town, El Paso or Laredo were ones I was considering. I understand El Paso is 90+% hispanic so are those the girls you have been targeting? Being a young white guy I realize I will be at a disadvantage to some but at an advantage to others as I'm sure some girls would have a preference for what is a little different. Plus I love Mexican culture, speak a little Spanish, and and love the food.
I currently live in Albuquerque, and I hate it because it's so absorbed into the mainstream US culture. Because non-Hispanic whites make up 60% of Albuquerque's population, this says a lot about why most of the girls I met in Burque are cold-hearted and stuck up. Only the Hispanics here are friendly and down-to-earth as many of them are removed from the mainstream US culture; there are some non-Hispanic white girls in Albuquerque who are down to earth, but they're all taken. These are clear reasons why I'm only after Hispanic girls in this part of the country and not the white girls.

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Post by zacb » October 22nd, 2014, 4:46 am

Teal Lantern wrote:
onethousandknives wrote:I like upper New England most. Vermont is my favorite, then Maine and New Hampshire. It's very cheap in New Hampshire and Maine, but few jobs. Women were pretty nice in Vermont, not as much in NH, but still nice. Vermont was different, though, I walked into a thrift store and the female clerk my age actually talked to me, and spent like 5-10 minutes writing down directions for me. People were pretty nice there. There's a good libertarianish kinda vibe going on. Some of the people are "artsy" and "intellectual" sort of people, but at the same time it those people don't have the snobby vibe they do here. Not too much crime. Really low rates of crime. Liberal gun laws if you're into that sort of thing. Vermont has high taxes, Maine and NH I think relatively low.

It's cold, though. Not too much infastructure either. I think VT only has one highway. You have to actually "go to town" literally. Like spend like 20-30 minutes going to your nearest town to get groceries or whatever. The only positive is relatively little to no traffic, for example my car in Vermont got 29mpg, as all the driving was 50mph forever with almost no stops. Here in CT, it gets like 21 mixed city/highway. Some people would say it's boring, which it probably is if you like going to clubs and whatnot. Me personally, I like hiking and being outdoors, and Vermont and NH have a ton of that. It's nice and peaceful there.

Basically my plan is to have a place there, preferably Vermont, but Maine or New Hampshire would work, too, and have a place abroad somewhere, too. Houses in VT are usually over 100K, but you can find livable places in New Hampshire and Maine for not too much. Maine even has lots of prefab houses (not quite trailers) for like 20-30K on some land, sometimes waterfront land. Unzoned land (usually for hunting land) is still like 1K per acre in all the states last I checked. If you wanted an offgrid property, you'd be good.
I've been thinking that region [VT,NH,ME] of the country might be good for ghosting; a bit different from the goals of most others, here.
Anyway, glad to see someone write more about it.
Don't hear about that much. (Ghosting or VONU in general). Good call.
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Re: LOL this is hilarious

Post by WorldTraveler » October 22nd, 2014, 8:57 am

djfourmoney wrote:You can afford to relocate anywhere in America, but can't move out of the country? That is the biggest piece of nonsense I have seen on the forum in awhile.

Just tell the truth, like most men you simply don't want too and can't believe that in such a country as America I have to look overseas for a reasonable woman.

While millions of Americans marry each other every single year, some find these women online, others through mutual friends and community groups and others are setup on blind dates which is the case for the guy that runs the Extreme Retirement blog.

If statistics like 50% divorce within five years and 70% divorce between 10-15 years doesn't concern you, then by all means stay put and keep saying to yourself "That only happens to other people".

As I keep saying, its like a broken record, you are going to have to canvas, IE date as many women as humanly possible to give you the best chance at success, that is if you can even find more than 50 women who are interested in you...

It doesn't matter where you live because the problems remain, it doesn't matter if you go to places where theirs a so-called "Man Shortage" which is what I hear when cities like New York and San Francisco are mentioned. You're still going to have the same problem dude, if you don't have your shit together you can forget getting anything better than seven for sure. You also might have to accept somebody that's average to slightly above average in weight and maybe has a child from a previous relationship.

If you don't care about these compromises then by all means...

I know there people out there that are very simple and want a simple life that isn't too complicated, if you might be okay with the first decent looking woman who not a bitch comes alone.

Honestly this is what makes you Beta not that women will walk all over you, but that fact that you want to be a worker bee, that you don't want more out of life, that you just don't want to try hard to be successful, that what makes you a Beta.

Then you'll be like the millions of other men out there who don't come these forums because they frankly don't see a problem and if they do they believe its them.

The truth is this, you can easily afford to become an expat and take advantage of the opportunities it will afford you. So don't say if you can go from what side of the country to the other, that you can't become an expat, that's complete bullsh*t.

You just don't want too, just be honest.
:D I like you post but there is no "Like" button on this Forum. :D I think men should go overseas. One reason they may not go is that they can't get a job overseas.

I think cities that are growing very quickly can be very friendly. Are their any cities like this in America now? I would think if you were Hispanic or spoke Spanish maybe some cities with high Hispanic populations would give you a greater dataing pool. I'm not so sold on NYC even if it is ethnic, because these girls become Americanized very quickly.

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Re: If not abroad, where in America?..

Post by Mr.Darcy » October 24th, 2014, 2:11 pm

Stay the **** out of any region associated with the east. Even if you are a history fanatic than just visit there. The east has terrible people, terrible weather, and everybody is a proud workaholic here. The southeast has gotten worse because a lot of yankees have moved down here. You now have racist gun tooting rednecks and rude racist yankees. Stay or aspire to live out west. Midwest has chill people, but the weather gets bad during in winter and some areas are struggling in the job market.

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