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Do You Ever Feel Like Giving Up?

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Postby Maker55 » Fri Mar 22, 2013 11:29 pm

To those of you who don't think you can push harder, it's easier to quit than to keep going:
You're where you're at in life because of your thoughts.

What you think about the most is what you will eventually manifest in your life.
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Postby zacb » Fri Mar 22, 2013 11:39 pm

I guess I am also nervous about my KDP. I just put a book on there, and I am waiting to see how that goes. I am trying to push myself and get a small income going, but it is taking time. In the mean time, I have to put up with this.
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Postby Ghost » Sat Mar 23, 2013 4:06 am

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Postby abcdavid01 » Sat Mar 23, 2013 4:30 am

zacb wrote:
green1976 wrote:What you mean by giving up?
Are you ready to live a life who is not yours,be somebody who you hate to be?

This is the challenge,to explore others societies and discover there.

You can already start checking the countries you are interested in by internet.
Now with dating websites just put a profile for the Phlllippines and Colombia and let's see what happen.
Unless you were physically in a bad state,there is no point to give up.

Or maybe by giving up you mean,accept the US way of life,try to get a GF,have children maybe and get screwed for the system.
In either case,the one you stay there or move,that won't modify the reality of the US,it would only change your own life and that's what count finally.

I guess I am tired of being a good little piece of cannon fodder, and getting F'ed by the system. I would rather be the one screwing, than the one being screwed. In other words, it seems like the nice guy does not get ahead, and it makes me pissed. You try and prove to people their errors, yet they vote for the same dunces. Sometimes it makes you want to take advantage of their ignorance like the rich already are ( through passing laws that makes them think that the government is helping them, when it is actually helping big companies). I guess sometimes I feel like putting my scruples in a box, since this whole country is not worth it. Get what I mean. I am tired of the people and culture as well though. But my main thing is just trying to hold back from saying FU to the people here.

That's what I keep saying zacb. It's why I'm not a conventional libertarian anymore. The very earliest libertarians were aristocrats. Most of the population are just dumb as hell. Almost borderline retarded. Happier Abroad has a disproportionately intelligent membership.

But even if you accept authoritarianism like I have, that doesn't mean you have to want to screw people over. Sure, corruption is to be expected, but it's better than degeneracy. I'm a fan of the benevolent king model.

The best model for society is to ban the ignorant masses from debate, but keep them happy. Rule by the fittest. What we have now is anarcho-tyranny. I value order. Libertarianism still has a place as a reward for the responsible. Libertarianism is the dream most cannot earn. Indeed, Libertarianism must be earned. Otherwise it is a bloodbath.

That's a very inspiring story ghost. Certainly enough to be proud of. Also very true. I went off the reservation and I've been flourishing intellectually and emotionally.
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Postby zacb » Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:47 am

I appreciate you Ghot and David. I thinm that is an interesting concept of "earning libertarianism" . It reminds me o fwhat Franklin said of a republic, an dhow it is a republic,if you can keep it that way. Perhaps the key is personal libertarianism, in a backwards world. I have been trying to keep in this mode, but sometimes seeing stupidity firsthand, it really makes you start to question the rationality of society, and how you could hav emissed it. I just need to keep on my kindle and othe rideas until they bloom into a steady income.

Ghot, you are right. And that one post you mentioned about grabbing real assets, you are 100% right. I am looking into real estate, even though my money situation is not the most ideal, even it is bette rthan most.
The Daily Agorist, Learn to Live Independent of the System!
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