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Why Money Can No Longer Save The Beta Male

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Re: Why Money Can No Longer Save The Beta Male

Post by Adama » March 18th, 2016, 3:06 pm

I'm going to say something very unpopular and which will be dismissed by almost everyone, but I will write it anyway.

It may not just be that the man lacks skills or ability. It could simply be that there is a force which is restraining him.

I don't think the club lifestyle is for everyone. I don't think most men will have success that way. Even among men who have "success" that way, I suspect they are not getting quality caliber women. But rather, they are most likely only getting whores who are riding every other man in the club.

Basically what I am saying is we think most men are doing better than us. Now some may actually be doing very well. Some men can literally pick up thousands of women, but most can't.

So the reason most men may not be able to pick up women in the clubs may not be because of their skill level, looks or anything else. It could be that there are only a very few people who are routinely hooking up in clubs. They are allowed to do this, whereas for most people it is forbidden.

What's the difference? Well all those people who are successful at going to clubs and picking up members of the opposite sex do so. That is they all congregate there. The location is incidental. All the sluts and whoremongers could simply hang out at the beach instead. It is not the venue. It is the people. You are not one of those people. Neither can you simply join. You're prevented from joining. It isn't your skill set which prevents you.

It's just like being a millionaire. There may be lots of people who are millionaires who did so honestly. However, a large percentage of them were willing to commit evil acts to become rich. So you wonder why you aren't rich? It isn't because you aren't working hard enough. It isn't your skill set. It could just be that you'd have to be monumentally evil to be able to do certain things. Being able to freely fornicate with thousands of women seems like it is something that any man should be able to do. But I think this is similar. It is only a matter of how willing are you to destroy yourself and others to obtain your goal? If you're willing to destroy everyone and everything, then you'll be permitted to get filthy rich and have sex with as many women as you want. If you don't have that destructive nature, then most likely you will not be allowed to participate in the game with people who can.

It seems to me there must be a restriction in place for normal people. In other words, stop envying the man who can sleep with hundreds and thousands of women.

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