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You're a pervert!

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Post by Adama » May 4th, 2013, 11:11 pm

There is only one thing to do here: Completely disregard the opinions of Anglophone women. 100% of them are misandrist.

I worked with a woman, and she often used the word "pervert" to describe men she didnt like. Any man who wants to chase after a woman is a pervert. The exception might be the usual categories: rich, famous, etc. If you are an ordinary guy, unless you have a criminal record, you are a creep, a potential stalker, and/or a pervert.

You can not take women seriously. If you do, they will give you a real complex, self esteem issues. They are more or less sociopaths with several layers of mental disorders.

If some bipolar bitch with histrionic personality disorder calls you creepy, you can either accept her opinion as valid, or you can disregard her as the American filth that she is.

Here is the news: 100% of them are worthless, they all want to use men, and none of them think you should be breathing oxygen.
A good man is above pettiness. He is better than that.

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Post by Adama » May 4th, 2013, 11:17 pm

OTB wrote:
Am I correct to assume looking at a girl is natural abroad and a way a man flirts with a girl?
Tsar, yes, you are correct. Looking at a woman abroad is a sign of flirting. That's universal. However, the only problem here in the US is that it's perceived to be something other than flirting in some cases. I know from personal experience that women in other countries are VERY receptive to a man who's flirting with his eyes. I saw it in Mexico, Colombia, DR, Morocco, Spain, and Turkey.

AW women have major psychological issues. In my opinion, if a man is looking at you and he's good looking flirt back.
Now in some cases, a girl may not flirt back because she's involved with someone or she's shy. Something you have to keep in mind. But these women today are going to the gym, Walmart, and other public places with tights up their a** crack or wearing some other type of clothing that's tight and revealing which screams two things in most cases; A) I'm single and looking for a man or B) I'm single but want attention ONLY to boost my self esteem i.e. an attention whore. So.....they're looking for a man who will flirt with them and give them attention. Flirting should make a woman feel good and not feel uncomfortable or objectified. Especially, when that's what they want. There is nothing creepy about sending a message that find you find someone pleasing to the eye.

Read this I found on
I never understood this. For example....This morning I'm riding the subway on my way to work, and this woman wearing a REALLY short skirt sits right next to me and across from a middle aged man. The man took notice of her revealing outfit but wasnt over the top with the staring. She gave him a dirty look and said "can I help you with something???" then proceeding to talk under her breath about how men are so disrespectful and nasty! In my mind I'm saying to myself..."If you have a problem with men admiring your skimpy outfit and revealing body, how about you just NOT wear that, and if you just like dressing that way, then dont complain if men look.

How about the women who wear low cut jeans and pull their shirts down every 7 seconds as they are walking while looking back to see who's behind them staring at the crack of their a**. First of all, If I have to adjust my attire every 15 steps, I shouldnt be wearing it. Secondly, if i purposely buy low cut jeans, then I shouldnt be worrying about who can see a part of my body that I'm purposely trying to reveal! I've even seen one woman complain that a man was staring at her feet. WTF???? . Lady, if you have a problem with a man staring at your feet, then you shouldnt be wearing shoes/sandals/flip flops that expose them. What's up with these women??? ... plain.html
This is why some of the Muslim cultures make women dress in bulky clothing from head to toe. They are attention whores who will manipulate men, but then will claim visual rape if a man even looks at them.
A good man is above pettiness. He is better than that.

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Post by xiongmao » May 5th, 2013, 3:43 pm

Just come to China man. My friend and I sit in the local juice bar and "perv" all over the hotties walking past. The women don't mind. Quite a few here positively encourage it.
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